Promotion Parade

Daily’s Makes Mojitos Easy

Daily’s is running the Perfect Mojitos Made Easy promotion through through March. The program offers consumers and on-premise operators the perfect way to take the hassle of muddling and mixing great-tasting mojitos every time through Daily’s Mojito Mix.

Eye-catching point of sale materials including case cards, shelf talkers and pre-packed neckers with recipes support ing today’s hottest flavors and encouraging consumer trial.

“Mojitos are popular and in great demand these days,” says Tim Barr, Marketing Director for Daily’s, “but they are not the easiest cocktails to prepare, either at the bar or at home. Daily’s Mojito Mix is the perfect solution. It is easy to use and minimizes waste but more importantly it makes consistently great tasting mojitos time after time.

Daily’s authentic mojito formula was developed by in-house mixologists using only the finest all natural flavors. It is delicious mixed with rum as a classic mojito or combined with other Daily’s mixers such as Daily’s Cosmopolitan Mix and Daily’s new Pomegranate Mix to add new dimension to this fashionable cocktail.

Fuze Sparks Student Creativity

Students from 11 of the most prestigious design schools across the Country will vie for the chance to best creatively capture brand FUZE through the innovative use of multimedia this spring.

The competition will challenge advertising, design and communication students to construct a media plan that best integrates new media with traditional media. Multiple teams will compete from each university, with the school itself determining its winning campaign to position against the other schools in a national competition.

FUZE is awarding an $8000 scholarship to the winning team from each school. The team with the best overall campaign will be flown to Manhattan to personally present their campaign to FUZE executives.

The schools competing are: The Art Institute of New York, Michigan State University, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Academy of Art University, Cal State Fullerton, University of Oregon, University of Texas at Austin, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Portfolio Center, Creative Circus and Savannah College of Art and Design.

Winter Essentials include Miller Genuine Draft and Miller Genuine Draft Light

Through the end of March, Miller Genuine Draft is presenting a one-of-a-kind cinema program that will bring the Red Carpet to off-premise accounts. Custom-designed Miller Genuine Draft packaging will communicate the in-pack offer. Program support also includes a partnership with IMDB. com, print-ads, impactful POS and special online content.

Supermarkets will have a “Build-a-Movie-Premier” display with display cards with take-one box and GQ minimagazines, red carpet floor decals, spectaculars, case cards and basewrap.

In C-stores, consumers will embrace opening night excitement with take-one posters, horizontal display cards, case cards, tatic stickers, basewrap, red carpet floor decals and cooler door clings. In liquor stores, command floor space with a display featuring display cards with a take-one box and GQ mini-magazines, red carpet floor decals, take-one posters, static stickers, a cooler door cling, case cards, basewrap and shelf cards. Spanish language versions will also be available to activate Hispanic accounts. See your local distributor for details and to request merchandising materials.

Year of the Boar

According to Chinese tradition, the “Year of the Boar”, starting on February 18, 2007, will be a year of plenty. Signifying freedom, ease of life and abundance, the “Year of the Boar” will be a year where one can live life to the hilt, socialize more and make numerous friends.

Chinese New Year is also an excellent time to promote authentic Tsingtao Lager, the number one imported Chinese beer in the United States, and smooth, light-tasting Tsingtao Pure Draft, with an array of promotional materials designed to capture attention and increase sales during this festive holiday.

For off-premise accounts, Tsingtao has produced P.O.S. items sure to generate consumer excitement at retail, including bright red hanging lanterns, two-sided satin banners, basewrap, easel cards and tuck-in price cards. And in markets where legal, Tsingtao and Annie Chun’s All Natural Asian Cuisine, a leading producer of Asian meal kits, noodles and sauces, are teaming up with a chain grocery coupon program that offers IRC’s on Annie Chun food products. Tsingtao’s alliance with Annie Chun’s creates the perfect opportunity for out-of-department displays in the Asian food, meat and produce sections.

Consumers interested in the Chinese New Year can surf the Tsingtao website at to pick up fun facts about the holiday and the Chinese zodiac. The website includes background on the holiday, a listing of Chinese New Year celebrations and it enables people to type in their birth date to determine their Chinese zodiac sign. Consumers can also learn which personal characteristics are attributed to their zodiac sign and which celebrities share their sign. Well-known people born in the Year of the Boar include: Henry Kissinger, David Letterman, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Elton John, Lucille Ball, Lance Armstrong, Marie Osmond and the Dalai Lama.

More Bawlsy Sports

BAWLS Guarana has entered BMX racing as the “Official Energy Drink” of the National Bicycle League (NBL). Tens of thousands of BMX racers across North America will now rely on the refreshing taste and caffeinated kick of BAWLS Guarana to keep them bouncing down the track this season. Set to be an official sport for the first time at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, BMX racing is the latest niche to join BAWLS Guarana’s portfolio of targeted industries which include video gaming, paintball and fashion.

As the Official Energy Drink of the NBL, BAWLS Guarana will enjoy exclusive sampling and on-track signage rights at all NBL-sanctioned national races, set to take place in more than 20 cities across the US. BAWLS will launch an aggressive sampling effort to introduce tens of thousands of BMX enthusiasts to the refreshing, caffeine-packed taste of BAWLS Guarana. The brand also plans to launch a cooperative marketing effort with the NBL through a limited edition run of BAWLS Guarana packaging dedicated to BMX racing, as well as a nationwide contest.

Through their partnership with the NBL, BAWLS Guarana will also have a presence at several Olympic qualifier events. Olympic hopefuls will have opportunities to gather qualifying points at nine NBL National races this year. The NBL is the only BMX organization affiliated with the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) – the international governing body of cycling that is qualifying riders from around the world to participate in the 2008 Olympics.