New Products


Red Bull has introduced the 16.9 oz. can size as a permanent product in the Red Bull Energy Drink family. This product will be sold nationwide at major grocery, convenience, drug and mass retail stores. The price point will remain the same as the 16.9 oz. Champions of Red Bull cans ranging between $2.99-$3.49 per can. Red Bull Sugarfree Energy Drink 16.9 oz. will also be joining the family in the first quarter of 2008. For more information, contact Red Bull USA at (310) 460-5344.

Ocean Spray is introducing Cranergy to help solve the nation’s energy crisis as a naturally energizing juice drink. It contains real fruit juice blended with the natural energizer green tea extract, a natural source of caffeine; five B-vitamins (B2, B3, B5,B6, B12); and vitamin C. With only 35 calories per eight-ounce serving, Crangery has 50 percent fewer calories than traditional energy drinks. This product comes in two flavors: Cranberry Lift & Raspberry Cranberry Lift, and two sizes, a 46 oz. bottle and a 12 oz. 4-pack, both of which carry an MSRP of $3.99. For more information, call (508) 946-7185.

Playboy and Play Beverages LLC have launched Playboy Energy Drink. With subtle notes of fruit and vanilla, this proprietary formula contains ginseng root, guarana extract and damiana leaf, ingredients that are believed to stimulate energy levels. Available in two varieties, regular and sugar-free, Playboy Energy is now available in the Boston area and will roll out to Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles this March. Playboy Energy Drink is packaged in an 8.4 oz. black can, made distinctive by the famous Playboy Rabbit Head Design and colors denoting regular (glowing orange) or sugar-free (glowing blue). Suggested retail price is $1.99 for an individual serving, with multi-packs and a 16 oz. serving size on the horizon. For more information call ((310) 550-7776.

Deep Throat Energy Drinks and Arrow Products Inc. have announced the official launch of Deep Throat Energy Drink. With a subtle taste of apple and grape, this proprietary formula contains ginseng root, guarana extract and 100 percent of the RDA of Vitamin C. Deep Throat Energy drink is now sold in the Las Vegas area and will roll out to Northern California and Los Angeles this spring. This product is packaged in an 8.4 oz. yellow can, modeled after and made distinctive by the famous Deep Throat movie poster design with Linda Lovelace. For more information, call (818) 235-7799.

Apple & Eve has announced that it has expanded its popular Sesame Street line of juice boxes with the launch of new Sesame Street Organics 100% Juice Boxes, an all-natural, organic 100 percent fruit juice product. These juices are fortified with calcium and contain a full day’s supply of Vitamin C, and will be available in three favorite flavors: Big Bird’s Apple, Elmo’s Punch and Ernie’s Berry. The Organic line will showcase each of the three Sesame Street characters dressed as a farmer – highlighting the “fresh from the organic farm” spirit of the new products. In addition, Sesame Street Organics will be packaged in kid-friendly 125 ml. (4 oz.) juice boxes – the recommended beverage size for kids ages 2 to 5. These products will be sold both in individual single-flavor 4-packs priced at $1.69, as well as in 36 count Club Store Variety Packs priced at $10.99, which will offer a combination of all three flavors. They will be available in supermarkets, club stores, health food stores and retail outlets across the country, including Whole Foods, Toys R Us and Costco. For more information, call 516-222-0236.

R.W. Knudsen Family is partnering with The Berenstain Bears for the launch of Sensible Sippers Organic Juice Boxes, available nationwide this fall. Sensible Sippers are certified 100 percent organic, and they come in convenient and appealing packaging that features classic Berenstain Bears characters. Sensible Sippers are 50 percent juice and 50 percent water, reducing the amount of sugar take in in each serving without compromising on taste. Kids will enjoy the fun new flavors, including Fruit Punch, Banana, Apple and Mixed Berry. These juices contain 40 percent fewer calories than regular boxed juices. Sensible Sippers are portion-controlled juices, available in nonbreakable, 4.23 oz. boxes. Sensible Sippers are available nationwide at Whole Foods Market. The suggested retail price for an eight-pack of Sensible Sippers juice boxes is $3.99-$4.49. For more information, call (303) 449-2108.

Coca-Cola North America has announced the addition of Minute Maid Pomegranate Tea and Minute Maid Pomegranate Lemonade to its line of Minute Maid Enhanced Juices. The new products will be available in supermarkets and other retailers nationwide beginning this month. These products are 12 percent juice and are fortified with Vitamins C and E to help support a healthy immune system. Each new beverage offer Vitamins C and E, which help defend the body’s cells and work to protect the body by fighting free radicals. All Minute Maid Enhanced Juices and Juice Drinks are offered nationwide in distinctive premium 59 oz. PET bottles, featuring an attractive contemporary design and “easy pour” side grip. The product launch will be supported in 2008 with a fully integrated marketing program that includes national print and television advertising, point-of-purchase displays, public relations and national in-store sampling programs. For more information, call (404) 676-1070.

A blend of organic fruit and vegetable juice concentrates and purified water, First Juice has been carefully designed with the right amount of flavor for young, developing tastebuds, with the intention of steering them towards an appreciation for flavorful, less sweet tastes. Each 8 oz. serving of First Juice contains only 12 grams of natural sugars from organic fruits and vegetables compared to 27 grams of sugar in an eight ounce serving of 100 percent apple juice. First Juice is fortified with calcium and vitamins A, C, and D. First Juice is sold in an innovative 8 oz. recyclable, spill-proof sippy-top container, as well as a 32 oz. bottle. First Juice will be available nationally at Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats and Babies “R” Us beginning in Q1 2008. The suggested retail price of the eight ounce single-serve bottle and the 32 ounce bottle will be $1.99-$2.49 and $3.29-$3.99, respectively, and is currently available in two flavors: Apple+Carrot and Banana+Carrot. For more information call (646) 277-8720.

W. L. Lyons Brown and Cory H. Isaacson, the entrepreneurs responsible for Right Gin, had never found a gin they liked, so they traveled all over to fix this problem and find perfect ingredients in order to formulate the perfect gin. Right Gin first launched in New York and Boston in October of 2007. Since, Right Gin has sponsored such celebrity- studded events as Gwen Stefani’s post-concert after party at the Palms in Las Vegas Distribution is in these cities within Key partner accounts: Las Vegas, Reno NV, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Chicago, Boston and New York. Suggested retail price is $40 per bottle. For more information, call 310.432.0020.

Terlato Wines International has introduced a new luxury spirits division at the family-owned company, in conjunction with the establishment of a new partnership with super premium Vodka producer, XELLENT Swiss Vodka, the first and only Swiss Vodka. XELLENT Swiss Vodka, part of the family-owned DIWISA distillery, is crafted from the highest-quality 100 percent Swiss winter rye, and launched nationwide in February. For more information, call (201) 659-4712.

Café Boheme, a new creme liqueur, blends an array of exceptional ingredients including gourmet coffee from the world’s premiere coffee venues, fresh creme from Holland, and premium French vodka distilled five times for maximum smoothness and purity with a hint of vanilla. Café Boheme retails for approximately $22.00 for a 750 mL bottle and is available nationwide at fine retailers, restaurants, and bars such as Martin’s Wine Cellars in New Orleans, Beverages & More in Los Angeles, Acker Merrill in New York, the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne and Specs Liquor stores in Texas. For more information call (212) 758-5322.

Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. has announced the U.S. launch of Ardmore Traditional Cask, the first ever widely available single malt whisky from the Ardmore distillery. The only Highland malt whisky to be 100% peated since its inception in 1898, Ardmore Traditional Cask offers Highland malt flavor with a twist, and will be available on shelves nationwide beginning this month. Peated at an above industry average 12-15 parts per million, Ardmore Traditional Cask is a double matured single malt whisky which is non-chill filtered and bottled at 46% ABV. Only 3,000 cases of Ardmore will be initially introduced into the U.S. The single malt is available in 750mL bottles and will retail for a suggested price of $45 – $50. For more information visit the Ardmore website at www.ardmorewhisky. com.

Naked Juice is introducing a new flavor to its popular Naked Juice Probiotic line: Very Berry. A bright blend with blueberry, apple and banana, Very Berry joins the Probiotic Family alongside Tropical Mango – a blend with mango, orange, and pineapple – which launched in September 2007. Naked Juice Probiotic is the first 100 percent juice smoothie with probiotics that aid in digestive and immune health. Naked Juice Probiotic Very Berry will be available in grocery stores nationwide in single-serve 10 oz. bottles with a suggested retail price of $2.99. For more information, call (626) 633-8384.

mix1, an all-natural protein and antioxidant drink, has launched its fifth and newest flavor, mix1 Tangerine. Available in an 11 oz. bottle, mix1 Tangerine joins existing mix1 flavors Mango, Blueberry-Vanilla, Lime and Mix Berry. mix1 is an optimal blend of carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients to provide balance and sustained energy throughout the day. Each satisfying serving of mix1 contains 15 grams of premium whey protein isolate, 23 vitamins and minerals, 3 servings of fruits and veggies, antioxidants equal to 4 cups of green tea, and no lactose, gluten, soy or caffeine. For more information, call (303) 517-2272. This product retails for $2 per bottle.

The Robert Mondavi family of brands has launched Solaire by Robert Mondavi. The portfolio includes a Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay and a Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon; both wines coming from vineyards located in California’s Central Coast – a region first championed by Robert Mondavi in the 1990’s. Monterey County’s Santa Lucia Highlands are home to the Chardonnay. All of the juice was barrel fermented and aged for 13 months in small French oak barrels which adds a smoky nuance and softens the mid palate. It has a suggested retail price of $14.99. A full-bodied wine, Solaire’s Cabernet Sauvignon brims over with aromas of blackberry, cassis and dark, sweet fruits and shows all the hallmarks of great Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon. Suggested retail price is $16.99.

The premium craft brewer Thomas Kemper Soda Co. is launching a low calorie version of its favorite soda – root beer. Thomas Kemper Low Calorie Root Beer tastes much bigger than its calorie count, thanks to Splenda and a kiss of creamy Pacific Northwest honey. Thomas Kemper will also delight taste buds with a lighter take on two additional classic flavors – Ginger Ale and Black Cherry. These premium sodas weigh in at just 10 calories each and balance their sweetness with rich natural flavors such as pure Madagascar vanilla and Jamaican ginger. Root Beer will be available on shelves late February 2008; Ginger Ale and Black Cherry will follow in April. The sodas will be available in single bottles (SRP $1.29) and 12-bottle sampler packs (SRP $12.99) at select grocery stores and restaurants in the Western U.S. Root Beer will also be available in six-packs (SRP $5.99). For more information, contact Thomas Kemper at (503) 231-3086.

Virgil’s has introduced Virgil’s Real Cola for the true cola connoisseur. Based on colas from the early 1900’s using only the finest cola ingredients, this product is made without preservatives or artificial ingredients. Real Cola is also caffeine and gluten free. The natural ingredients gathered from across the globe include: kola nut from Africa, clove bud oil from India, vanilla from Madagascar, cinnamon from Ceylon, nutmeg from Indonesia, cassia oil from China, orange and lemon oils from Italy and lime juice from Mexico. Virgil’s Real Cola is sold in 4-packs and has a suggested retail price of $5.99. For more information call (651) 228-9141.

PepsiCo has introduced Tava nationally, a new, calorie-free CSD which takes its flavors from the most intriguing fruits the world has to offer and each tells an exotic story of its own: Mediterranean Fiesta, Tahitian Tamure and Brazilian Samba. Tava rolled out nationally in February in 16.9 oz. PET bottles with a suggested retail price of $1.49 and in 12 oz. can 4-packs with a suggested retail price or $2.99. For more information, call (914) 253-2950.

PepsiCo has re-branded SoBe Life Water, blitzing the retail marketplace with five new flavors, all featuring a distinctive new package. Each of the five flavors, Blackberry Grape, Pomegranate Cherry, Orange Tangerine, Strawberry Kiwi, and Passionfruit Citrus, are infused with a unique mix of antioxidant vitamins C & E, essential B vitamins, and healthy herbal ingredients. SoBe Life Water will be supported by a major marketing initiative that will continue to drive home the message introduced during a wild Super Bowl ad that featured Naomi Campbell and dancing lizards. For more information, call (914) 253-2950.

Mount Olympus Waters, Inc., a Salt Lake Citybased bottler of spring water, is re-introducing its popular line of Kwencher drinks, “pure water with a fruity splash.” The half-liter products will initially come in four flavors: Cherry Cherry, Berry Berry, Strawberry Vanilla, and Orange Creme. The products had been sold through a licensee until recently. Kwencher has 70 calories per 8 oz. serving. For more information call (801) 974-5000 or go to

bot, the all-natural, low-sugar, fortified water for kids is launching its newest flavor, lemon bot, just in time for summer. lemon bot has a similar thirstquenching taste as lemonade, yet offers 75 percent less sugar. This healthy alternative hits shelves nationwide this June. lemon bot, along with berry bot, grape bot and orange bot, are available at Whole Foods, Wegmans and Hannaford and retail for MSRP $1.49 per bottle. For more info, please visit the Web site

Daily’s, America’s premier cocktail and mixer company is announcing the addition of two exciting and delicious new flavors to its expanding ready-to-drink cocktail line of products. Daily’s 1.75L Mojito bag-in-box and Daily’s 10 oz. Frozen Pina Colada pouch will debut at retail locations throughout the country this spring. Daily’s Mojito multi-serve boxes will be shipped six in a specially designed case that is perforated to convert easily into an eye-catching display piece and will retail for a suggested price of $13.99. Daily’s single-serve Pina Colada pouches will be shipped four pouches per carton, eight cartons per case (32 pouches per case) and will retail for a suggested price of $6.99/4 count. The launch of both products will be supported by advertising in targeted magazines to generate awareness and interest along with extensive sampling and eye-catching POS materials to stop in-store traffic and encourage trial. For more information, call (203) 254-8225.

Moosehead USA, the new U.S. importing arm of Moosehead Breweries, has announced the U.S. rollout of Moosehead Lager’s new, high-qualitygraphics packaging. The new cartons and supporting retail point-of-sale materials and displays began to appear throughout the United States retail locations in mid-February. The new packaging, featuring colorful graphics and images of “straight-out-of-the-cooler” Moosehead bottles, has an increased focus on the lager’s refreshment cues, premium and import status as well as its history as an independent brewery. The U.S. packaging graphics roll-out aligns with Canada and international markets to deliver a clear and consistent brand message globally. For more information, call (303) 298-8470.

Henry Weinhard’s, the pioneering producer of small-batch handcrafted beer in the Pacific Northwest, is adding a new summer seasonal to its lineup of craft beers this month. Henry Weinhard’s India Pale Ale is a balance of locally grown, premium caramel malts and two-row barley with Pacific Northwest hops. It is a refreshing brew with an aromatic full-hop flavor balanced by caramel malt sweetness. Henry Weinhard’s IPA is a blend of Challenger, Simcoe, Chinook and Summit hops. It contains 6.0 percent alcohol by volume. The new brew will be available in Idaho, Oregon and Washington where Henry Weinhard’s products are sold for a limited time only. Suggested retail price is $5.99 for a six-pack. For more information, call (414) 931-2094.

Fans of the TeaZazz brand of sparkling tea beverages now have a new flavor to enjoy: Green Tea Mint. Joining three original TeaZazz flavors – Original, Green Tea Lemon and Peach, Green Tea Mint delivers the crisp, exotic aroma and taste of mint, combined with the health benefits of green tea. A refreshing alternative to conventional soft drinks, TeaZazz delivers the health benefits associated with the antioxidants in tea, and with only 20-25 calories per serving, offers an exceptional taste that does not rely on the high fructose corn syrup commonly found in soft drinks. TeaZazz’s four varieties are currently available from retailers in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and the Northern California counties of Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino and Lake. For more information call (714) 572-1498.