New Products


Hint Inc. has announced the unveiling of four new flavors to retailers nationwide: Hibiscus Vanilla, Watermelon, Honeydew Hibiscus and Blackberry. Each 16 oz. bottle is $1.79 and can be found in fine grocery stores and retailers all over the United States. For more information, contact HINT at (646) 452-6400.

AriZona Beverages has partnered with Nestlé Waters North America Inc. to create AriZona Tea Waters. This new line of low-calorie, tea-infused waters is certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. AriZona Tea Waters combine Poland Spring Water with organic green tea, cane juice and fruit extracts. The result is a healthful, refreshing beverage with just 20 calories per 8 oz. serving. In addition to AriZona’s classic Green Tea, the new line includes Yumberry Green Tea, Mandarin Orange Green Tea, and Pomegranate Green tea. AriZona Tea Waters are currently available in select Northeast markets. As the product rolls out to additional markets throughout 2009, it will use other Nestlé Waters’ regionally sourced waters. The suggested retail price is $1.49 per 20 oz. PET bottle. For more information contact AriZona at (516) 812-0208.

Dasani is launching DASANI essence, which offers DASANI bottled water with just a touch of fruit flavor. DASANI essence has a light, natural fruit flavor – unsweetened and without preservatives or calories – and is available in three varieties: Lime essence, Strawberry Kiwi essence, and Black Cherry essence. Packaged in stylish, recyclable 18.5 oz. single PET bottles and 16 oz. 4-packs, DASANI essence is line priced with other Dasani products. For more information call (770) 565-5440.


V8 V-Fusion 100 percent juice is introducing two new superfruit varieties: Goji Raspberry and Passionfruit Tangerine. Each 8 oz. glass provides a full serving of vegetables (1/2 cup) and a full serving of fruit (1/2 cup), plus essential antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. The addition of Goji Raspberry and Passionfruit Tangerine brings the V8 V-Fusion juice portfolio to 10 juice blends. These products are available at most grocery, mass merchandise and convenience stores nationwide. Suggested retail price ranges from $1.69 to $3.99, depending on the size: they are available in 46 oz. and 12 oz. bottles. For more information, call (856) 342-3717.

Odwalla has introduced new Light Lemonade and Light Limeade. These new natural refreshers have half the calories and sugar of regular lemonades and limeades. With only 50 calories per serving, Odwalla’s Light Lemonade and Light Limeade combine pure-squeezed juice and TRUVIA natural sweetener to make these refreshing seasonal quenchers. Each bottle of new Light Lemonade and Light Limeade contains 100 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamins C and E. The product is available on shelves in the refrigerated section of natural food stores, select supermarkets, and specialty outlets throughout the United States. The new beverages are available in 450 mL grab-n-go recyclable plastic bottles, as well as ½ gallon sizes. For more information, call (800) 639-2552.

Boowl Americas has launched BOOWL SURPRISE in the U.S. A hot filled, all-natural kids drink with 20 percent juice, five added vitamins and no preservatives. BOOWL SURPRISE comes in four Flavors: Grape, Lemon Ice, Strawberry & Kiwi and Fruit Punch. The product has patented packaging: the 11 oz. bottle is round with a special “top hat” attached and under that “top hat” is a high quality collectable toy. For more information, call (908) 719-8926.


Beefeater 24, a new gin handcrafted with 12 botanicals including a rare blend of teas, will debuted in select American cities this spring. Beefeater 24 boasts a blend of natural botanicals sourced from around the world, including hand-prepared grapefruit, bitter almond, orris root and Seville orange peel. Accents of rare Japanese Sencha Tea and Chinese Green tea create a perfectly balanced, multi-layered gin. In addition to different botanicals, Beefeater 24 is “cut” earlier during distillation to retain its freshness and vitality. This means that only the heart of the distillation is used. Beefeater 24 will retail for a suggested price of $28.99. For more information, call Pernod Ricard at (914) 848-4816.

Seagram’s had announced the launch of Seagram’s Smooth Brazilian Rum, debuting in May. Seagram’s Rum will be available in Seagram’s Smooth Brazilian Rum (white rum) – and two new flavors; Seagram’s Citrus Flavored Rum and Seagram’s Raspberry Flavored Rum. All three offerings have been blended to provide the perfect balance of unparalleled smoothness and the unique, exotic rum character native only to Brazil. Seagram’s Original Rum will be available in 1.75L, 1.0L, 750ml, 375ml, 200ml 100ml and 50ml sizes. Seagram’s Citrus Flavored Rum and Seagram’s Raspberry Flavored Rum will be available in 1.75L, 1L, 750ml and 50ml sizes. The three rums will be line priced and will retail for a suggested price of $11.99/750 mL.

Burnett’s Flavored Vodka portfolio continues to grow with the addition of the 19th flavor – Pink Lemonade. The launch of the new flavor will be supported by POS for floor displays and shelf facings, as well as sales education materials. The Burnett’s website will also provide information and appetizing drink recipes for all the flavors.Burnett’s Pink Lemonade is available in P.E.T. 1.75 L and 50 mL and glass 1L and 750mL sizes. It is bottled at 35 percent alcohol by volume. For more information, call (502) 413-0220.

Hammer + Sickle vodka is now being imported from Russia and distributed by Massachusetts-based Klin Spirits. The product has been sold exclusively in the Northeast and is now expanding throughout the U.S. Hammer + Sickle is sold in 750 mL bottles for $29.99, 1 L bottles for $36.99 and 1.75 L bottles for $58.99 per bottle. For more information, call (978) 866-8770.

BACARDI has launched the BACARDI Classic Cocktail Raspberry Mojito, the second addition to its ready-to-drink portfolio. This product is made with BACARDI Superior Rum, natural lime and mint flavors and an extra burst of ripened raspberries. The BACARDI Classic Cocktail Raspberry Mojito package features a distinctive translucent bottle and a sleek, sophisticated design. The 15-percent alcohol-by-volume (30 proof) ready-to-drink cocktail is available in a 750mL size as well as a 1.75L. It has a suggested retail price of $12.99 and $19.99. For more information call (212) 246-3586.


Relaxity is a powdered drink mix that uses GABA to induce feelings of relaxation in consumers. It began selling in channels like Whole Foods Market in March. MSRP for a 15-count drink mix box is $19.99; for an individual packet, $1.39. For more information, call (888) 548-2256.


The Pepsi-Lipton Tea Partnership has announced the launch of Lipton Sparkling Green Tea. A blend of delicious fruit flavors, green tea and lightly sparkling water, this spring Lipton Sparkling Green Tea will be available nationwide in regular Berry and both diet and regular Strawberry Kiwi. Packaged in 20 oz. PET bottles, 1.5-liter bottles and 16.9 oz. PET bottles, this product will be line-priced with other Lipton teas. For more information call (914) 253-2950.

Graviola Life Tea was launched in a 16 oz. glass bottle and sold in 12/16 oz. cases during the fourth quarter of 2008 in South Florida. Graviola Life Tea is a real brewed tea made from Graviola leaves imported from Brazil. A tremendous amount of research has been done on Graviola for a wide range of potential medicinal purposes. This product has local distribution in South Florida and is servicing all classes of trade with a price to the consumer that ranges from $1.99-$2.49 per bottle. For more information, call (954) 270-5309.

AriZona Beverages has announced the launch of a new line of USDA certified organic iced teas. From the pure honey and cane juice that sweetens the beverages to the fruit juices and the antioxidant packed teas, each ingredient is sourced organically. The AriZona Organic Iced Tea line includes the Arizona cornerstone, Green Tea, as well as Yumberry Green Tea and Pomegranate Green tea. The organic teas are available in 20 oz. glass bottles; each organic sip can be savored at only 50 calories per serving. The AriZona Organic Iced teas will be available in the northeast this spring and rolled out nationally thereafter. The suggested retail is $1.79 per bottle. For more information, call AriZona at (516) 812-0208.

ZredT, the Louisiana-based producer of ZT antioxidant-rich, organic rooibos red teas, recently debuted its line of ZT rooibos red teas. ZT is a line of organic teas made from the rooibos plant. With a naturally smooth, complex flavor, every bottle of ZT is a good source of both magnesium and natural fiber, is low in calories, and contains zero caffeine and zero sugar. ZT is available in four smooth flavors: Unsweetened, Lemon, Vanilla, and Ginseng & Honey. Each ZT flavor is made from all-natural organic ingredients and flavoring including purified water, organic inulin, brewed organic rooibos tea, organic clarified brown rice syrup and natural flavors.ZT is sold in individual 16 oz. bottles in select grocery and natural food stores throughout the U.S. For more information, call (303) 442.1009.

Santa Cruz Organic has introduced TeaZer organic sparkling teas. Blended with fair trade certified tea from Choice Organic Tea and Santa Cruz Organic fruit juice, each TeaZer offers just the right mix of fresh tea and real fruit taste. Lightly sweetened and conscious of calories to please any discerning drinkers, TeaZers utilize a blend of green, white and black tea for a trinity of taste. This product will be available in Lemon, Raspberry, Pear and Passion Fruit flavors. Available in 12 oz. glass bottles and sold in 4-packs for $5.49, Santa Cruz Organic TeaZers are available at Whole Foods Market starting in June. For more information, call (303) 449-2108.


Fanta Orange, the #1 fruit-flavored sparkling beverage in the U.S., will now feature 100 percent natural flavors. The entire Fanta line is also getting a new look that includes vibrant packaging with colorful illustrations and contemporary graphics. Both the new formulation and look for Fanta will roll out in the United States this month. Fanta Orange is the latest member of Coca-Cola North America’s portfolio of sparkling beverages to feature 100 percent natural flavors, joining Coca-Cola and Sprite. By summer’s end, two other members of the Fanta family will be available with 100 percent natural flavors – Fanta Apple and Fanta Grapefruit. Fanta Orange is available in multiple retail and convenience channels from large supermarkets to dollar and drug stores nationwide, in 12 oz. cans, 20 oz. bottles, 2 L bottles and multi-packs. For more information, call (404) 676-3255.

Gosling’s Rum of Bermuda has joined with 127 year-old Polar Beverages of Massachusetts to create, package and distribute what both are calling the definitive ginger beer soft drink, Gosling’s Stormy Ginger Beer. Available in 12 oz. cans to begin with, Gosling’s Ginger Beer is a refreshing, zesty soft drink by itself, as well as the perfect mate to Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. MSRP $3.49 – 3.99. For more information, call (646) 356-0200.

solixir is the first line of all-natural sparkling beverages with a balanced combination of ingredients that are designed to hydrate the body and soul. solixir is a special blend of sparkling spring water, pure fruit juice, and over 1,700mg of standardized natural botanicals in each can. Flavors include: Blackberry Chamomile, Orange Maté, and Pomegranate Ginger. Each 12 oz. aluminum can has an SRP of $1.99. solixir is being sold nationally through Whole Foods Market and is distributed through UNFI. For more information call (773) 750-8288.

R.W. Knudsen Family has launched Sparkling Essence, a simple combination of sparkling spring waters. Flavors include Organic Lemon, Organic Cucumber, Organic Blueberry and Organic Mint. To create a zero-calorie, flavorful drink R.W. Knudsen Family utilizes a unique process. Authentic organic ingredients are brewed in fresh spring water. The fruit is then extracted leaving only the subtle flavor of the fruit without the sugar or calories. Packaged in 10.5 oz. slim cans, sold individually and in 4-pack carriers, R.W. Knudsen Family Sparkling Essence will be available in grocers nationwide starting this month. The suggested retail price is $3.79-$3.99 per 4-pack. For more information call (303) 449-2108.


PURISTA Mojito Premium Cocktail Mix is an all-natural blend of fresh Key lime juice, organic sugar cane juice, fresh mint leaves and filtered water. Each 750 mL bottle, when combined with an equal part white rum and two parts club soda, creates 17 6 oz. Mojitos. Other flavors include Blackberry, Margarita, and Caipirinha. Beginning May 1, 2009, cocktail enthusiasts can find PURISTA for $9.99 (750 mL) at select retail locations in California, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois and Colorado. For more information call (212) 255-6717. •