Bottled Water

Fred – Fred will now hang with a party – or package – of six 600ml bottles nestled in a recycled container, printed with soy-based ink. Additionally, Fred is now available in a 400 ml flask size. Current distribution is rolling with Fred now.

Hydrate2O – Created with a patent-pending technology, Hydrate2O, according to its manufacturer, transforms purified water into a live, energized form that is absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and enables true hydration at a deep-cell level. Hydrate2O also includes electrolytes and minerals to spur increased stamina and faster recovery times. Having already been adopted by a growing number of professional athletes, Hydrate2O is also officially endorsed by a broad array of outdoor sports personalities. Hydrate2O is currently distributed in the Pacific Northwest and California.

Isbre – Isbre has garnered new, expanded distribution and retail placement in the New York/New Jersey area. Oak Beverages and Boening Brothers and Spirit & Sanzone are now distributing Isbre in 35 New York counties and Marz Beverages in New Jersey. Isbre has been introduced into 60 Shop- Rite supermarkets in the greater NY metro area.

Aquamantra – In December of 2007 Aquamantra, launched in Albertsons Southwest Premium Specialty Water section and has been sold in Whole Foods’ Southwest Region for over a year. This year the company is looking to expand exponentially to bring “Love, Luck and Health” to consumers nationally.

Fiji – As of January 1, 2008, Fiji is not merely the best-tasting water, it is also the most environmentally friendly choice. Together with Conservation International, the company is helping to save Fiji’s largest lowland rainforest, the Sovi Basin, in perpetuity. Fiji Water is also reducing CO2 emissions across its products’ entire lifecycle, from raw materials production, to the eventual recycling of Fiji bottles and every process in between. Fiji Water will also be working with Conservation International to develop land conservation and renewable energy projects that offset the company’s remaining carbon footprint by 120%, making Fiji Water not just carbon-negative, but positively green.”

Aquavybe – Aquavybe is a bottled water that is vapor-distilled and structured with a high level of alkalinity to balance against acidic lives. Aquavybe contains 72 bio-available trace minerals. It is available through select health food stores, health care practicioners and personal trainers nationwide.

Give Water – Give water offers consumers the choice of supporting one of three charitable causes with each bottle they buy — and 10 cents for each bottle sold is donated to the chosen cause. The blue bottle, Give Life, benefits children in need; the pink bottle, Give Hope, benefits breast cancer research; and the green bottle, Give Love, benefits the environment. Give was recently slotted into the Mid-Atlantic Region of Whole Foods Market.

National Beverage – La Croix Spring and Sparkling Water is now the official beverage sponsor of the 3Day Event benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The three-day event is set to occur in 14 cities between September and November of 2008. The approximately 3,000 participants per city will raise a minimum of $2,200 each and live in a make-shift tent city as they walk for 60 miles over the course of three days in the given city. La Croix’s Hydration Station is the favorite tent where participants enjoy foot massages and sample rehydrate. La Croix is bringing the road event to retailers by offering an in-store “Drink and Think Pink” program which is a traveling breast cancer training and education center with various educational tools just short of a mammogram. Komen trained demonstrators will hand out free early detection CDs, literature and have training tools such as trivia and prosthetics on site.

Function Drinks – Function launched Function Water late in the summer of 2007 in Whole Foods Markets in the Midwest. In the fall of 2007 Manhattan Beer in New York picked the product up and launched us into the Eastern Region. It is also carried throughout the country through UNfiand other distribution houses such as Spike Beverage in Arizona, Kristen Distributing in Texas, Bill Distributing in Alaska, and Supreme Beverage in Alabama. The current bottle is a 750 ml PET but the company is launching a 1 Liter as well.

Maddie’s Beverage Company – Wateroos, an allnatural children’s water-filled drink box, continues to gain distribution, adding Shaw’s, Hannaford and Kings Super Markets to the list of retailers that now stock Wateroos. Wateroos is the first commercially available water beverage packaged in a sustainable, recyclable drink box. To support the brand’s continued growth, the company recently launched the Waterooli-Mom program where moms can request free Wateroos samples and coupons to share with their friends (and their friends’ children).Evian – Evian has just released its first-ever high creation, the Evian Limited Edition Bottle by Christian Lacroix. This bottle signifies the brand’s dedication to chic sophistication, providing consumers with an epicurean experience in each of these limited edition bottles and commences a new annual tradition. Designer-developed bottles will now carry-on the legacy of the beloved holiday bottles, which have been viewed as collectibles since their inception. The bottle recently debuted to the New York fashion scene at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Delicious H2O – On March 1st, Sarah Fullerton and Mary Noon launched Delicious H2O at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. With an exquisitely designed glass bottle, Delicious H2O is marketed exclusively to high-end hotels and restaurants in an effort to bridge the gap between bottled water and the worldwide water crisis.

Equa – The lush Amazon forest has been nourished by pristine rainwater for millions of years. What has not been evaporated or been absorbed has collected within the earth’s largest underground freshwater reservoir. This unique source supplies the springs from which Equa is drawn. The first bottles of Equa are expected to arrive in U.S. markets in Sept., 2008. Building a state-of-the- art bottling factory is a bit more time consuming and challenging when the factory is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest!

Talking Rain – Banking on its local, effervescent blend of 100 percent pure oxygen and pristine artesian mountain spring water, Preston, Wash.- based TalkingRain Beverage Co. recently unveiled the new look of its AirWater packaging. Vibrantly labeled with hues of orange and blue and packaged in two convenient sizes, the revamped exterior is intended to align with the product’s spirit of refreshment. AirWater’s infusion of oxygen aims to deliver the “fresh taste of a mountain waterfall” with every sip. Look for the refreshed design to hit shelves this spring.

Jana – Jana has recently added Ron Easley as the Senior Vice President Sales North America. This, combined with great local and national distributor partnerships, has made Jana Natural European Artesian Water available throughout the U.S. Various major supermarket chains across the US are now offering the Jana brand to their customers.

Jana has partnered with Global Angels in their US launch of this important environmental charity. Jana selected this charity for the great work they do to help countries around the globe to build proper wells and provide their citizens with healthy drinking water.

Jana is the exclusive bottled water at Madison Square Garden.

SEI – SEI is currently going to be sponsoring the Hotel Ezra Cornell as the exclusive water brand.

H2Om – H2Om water with intention, the world’s first interactive water, is a natural spring water with specially designed labels designed to empower individuals to create positive intention in their lives. They are a socially and environmentally responsible company whose mountain spring, bottling facility, and offices are all local to California. Through their partnership with they offset their carbon footprint on the planet, while proceeds from revenues benefit organizations creating education on recycling and awareness relating to world water issues and our environment. Seven available intentions (SKUs) include, Love, Perfect Health, Gratitude, Prosperity, Will Power, Joy, and Peace.

Icelandic Glacial – Icelandic Glacial recently achieved zero-carbon emission certification. The company is now being distributed in the U.S. via Anheuser-Busch, which owns an equity stake in the company.

New Attitude Beverage Corp. – New Attitude Beverage Corp., the master distributor for Ice Age Premium Glacier Water in an award-winning cobalt blue bottle, announces that the 2008 Academy Awards once again chose the product as its featured water for the event, which was held at Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre on February 24th.

Mountain Valley Spring Company – Mountain Valley Spring Company was recognized by the Glass Packaging Institute as the 2007 Winner for Best Non-Carbonated Beverage Packaging. Packaged in glass continuously since 1871, Mountain Valley is a natural spring water available in both still and carbonated varieties. More recently, Mountain Valley has become available in PET packaging. Mountain Valley is rapidly currently expanding its distribution through direct store delivery operations throughout the United States and Asia.

Ethos – Ethos Water, the brand dedicated to helping children get clean water, is driving support for its mission by collaborating with H20 Africa, a foundation focused on clean water initiatives. As part of that collaboration, H20 Africa’s co-founder, Matt Damon, will appear in a national Ethos Water print advertising campaign encouraging consumers to get involved in raising awareness and funding for the world water crisis. The campaign coincides with the expanded distribution of Ethos water into more than 40,000 convenience, grocery, mass and drug stores across the United States through the Pepsi-Cola bottling system. For each bottle of Ethos water sold, US $0.05 and C $0.10 is directed to the Ethos Water Fund, a part of the Starbucks Foundation.

Penta Water Company – The Penta Water Company has reintroduction Penta into the water category with new packaging, a new brand image campaign, a new e-commerce site, a new advertising campaign and the release of a scientific study. The new e-commerce site went live on March 14, for Expo West, the Natural Food Show in Anaheim, CA and the new bottles will be in stores April 1. Penta has retained Circle One Marketing Solutions of Norwalk, CT to handle the creative execution behind the re-branding and the advertising campaign. Penta hopes to expand its traction with women 35-50 who care about their health and are active. The new branding will encompass the wellness lifestyle and focus on the antioxidant and anti-aging characteristics of the water.

O Water – O Water recently introduced Sport Owater, a plain, ultra-purified water with electrolytes for fluid recovery but no flavor. It is expected to be on store shelves at the end of April.