The New Beverage Spectrum

I’M PLEASED AND excited to introduce you to the new Beverage Spectrum. We’re building on five years of success as “The Voice of Beverage Retailing” as we look forward to our new, expanded mission: bringing you the largest and most comprehensive coverage of new beverage products, trends, and innovations, anywhere.

What’s that mean? It means that we’re expanding our coverage to include the highlights of the innovative packaging, marketing, ingredient, and product development trends that we think will shape the industry of tomorrow. Whether you are trying to determine which products to put on your shelf, on your trucks, or you are creating products and presenting them to the public, you will find in our magazine the full landscape of ideas that will help you run your business.

Why are we expanding the scope of Beverage Spectrum? First, and most importantly, the lines between the different segments of the beverage supply chain are thinner than ever before. Retailers are selling new types of products that fit in places not previously used for beverage products, such as the front counter (energy shots) and the produce aisle (super premium juice); meanwhile, the breadth of private label continues to expand. Distributors are taking equity in startup beverage companies while dealing with larger numbers of brands than ever before. Beverage companies are seeking new ways to vault ahead with creative products, as well as exploring new methods of supporting their drinks on the street. Suppliers and service companies have made creating unique and proprietary products easier than ever before and are constantly introducing new ingredients and technologies that impact what products will hit the market.

Second, this is an industry that is ultimately about the product – and things have gotten much more complex lately. Specifically, the thinning of the supply chain lines has made crossover possible in more ways than ever. Look at retailers like Sheetz or Whole Foods, both of which have created private label brands across many different categories, even to the point where some are more successful than those supplied by dedicated product marketers. Or take a company like NVE Pharmaceuticals, which has been successful as both a co-packer and brand marketer (Stacker2). Throw in recently added dimensions such as branded ingredients, environmental concerns, new certifications, and the constantly changing landscape of distribution, and there are more variables than ever to consider when creating or selling a new product.

So, taking our cue from the market, we’re thinning our own lines and tying things together between, our flagship web site, and Beverage Spectrum, which will be our sole print offering. will continue to be the place to go for new products reviews, breaking industry news, jobs, and the opportunity to interact with the beverage community. Beverage Spectrum will expand on many of the same topics AND find and report on the people and ideas that will generate the products and news of the future. The result will be an unbeatable flow of content, ideas, and information.

As always, I welcome – and greatly appreciate – your feedback, questions, ?and comments. Feel free to email me at