Heineken Offers Touch-Me Cans

Heineken launched their new can in February, adding a tactile level of printing to the can.

The new design incorporates four distinct elements: Heineken’s iconic racetrack label is prominently featured on the front of the can while on the back, the contemporary vertical logo is the hero, and the new aluminum can offers a cool,


ore sophisticated appearance. The curve of the can gives the pack a more fluid and dynamic look and the innovat

ive raised ink printing technology adds a unique texture to the can, creating the visual impression of condensation on the outside while providing a more pleasing tactile experience to the consumer.

The new can package will be available in 12 oz. and 16 oz. sizes beginning in February and the 24 oz. size in summer 2011. Additionally, a new 3X4 suitcase format replaces the 2X6 fridge pack and makes it easier to stack and display at retail.  The support materials will feature a special printing technique that creates a complementary 3-D look and communicat

es the “Feel the New Can. Taste the Exceptional Quality” brand message.