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May-June 2019

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Vita Coco Takes On The World

It’s been about a year since Vita Coco CEO Mike Kirban announced his company’s intention to take on the world. Nearly 12 months later, Kirban’s grand strategy has started to come into view, though maybe not the way many expected. All Market acquired natural energy drink brand Runa, in which Kirban has been a longtime investor. But a string of further acquisitions hasn’t followed, as Vita Coco has instead turned towards fueling its internal innovation pipeline with new products that can bring the brand into new categories and retail channels.

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“Fit” Energy Arrives with a Bang

In December 2018, a summary of monthly Nielsen convenience store data showed Wall Street analysts a curious new entrant to its energy drink category survey. Bang emerged on the scanner for the first time, sporting a gaudy 914.7% growth for the four week period, reporting $178 million in sales for the year-to-date.

FMBs Answer Consumer Demand

At a time when overall alcohol consumption in the U.S. is down, the flavored malt beverage (FMB) segment seems to be weathering the storm as consumer consumption trends favor flavor and the purchasing power of millennials looking for affordable luxuries continues to drives sales.


NOSHscape: The Latest Food Brand News

In NOSH news, Mondelez invests in Hu Kitchen and products, Alpha Foods raises $7M in quest to become plant-based leader, KIND takes on the FDA, while Clif takes on KIND, and sans crickets, Exo founders try to revamp cereal.

Publisher’s Toast: We’re Getting Closer to Equality

Over the years, as brand marketers would stop by, extolling this or that terrific-but-no-calorie taste, I would objectively – and sometimes harshly – give my opinion that they were delusional. Today, there is a blurring of the lines between full-bodied and diet drinks, as we formulate using a plethora of sweeteners.

Natural Products Expo West Review

As expected, Natural Products Expo West 2019, held in March at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif., did not disappoint as a showcase for innovations and trends. From CBD to collagen to brain function to plant-based, beverage brands aimed to disrupt major categories with a bevy of new product launches.

Bevscape: The Latest Beverage Brand News

In beverage news, Bolthouse Farms sold to Butterfly Equity for $510 million, LifeAID raises $7.7 million to support distribution growth, Monster and Bang litigation row rolls on, and Q Mixers lands a $40 million investment.

Brewscape: The Latest Craft Beer Brand News

In craft beer news, Craft Brew Alliance agrees to settle Kona labeling dispute, Canarchy appoints a new CEO, Stone Brewing unloads Berlin Brewery to BrewDog, Ninkasi Brewing sells a majority stake and establishes a national platform to acquire other breweries, and Constellation Brands is closing two Ballast Point locations.

The First Drop: Losing Combinations

When one trend is getting attention, the thinking goes, why not combine it with another? But while it might seem like a good idea to marry two emerging trends, and it might even be something you secretly enjoy at home, these combinations often don’t work commercially.