BevNET Magazine
September-October 2018

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Big Guys Pursue the Bubbles: Coco-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle Take Aim at La Croix

An examination of the rise of bubbles in the beverage space, including major players such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestle's decisions to focus on the sparkling water category since the success of La Croix, and how it's all played out over the year.

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2018 Natural Snack Food Guide

The 2018 Natural Snack Food Guide is a directory of “better-for-you” packaged snacks and the suppliers and services companies that support those brands.

HPP’s Hurdles: Why Premium Juice is Struggling and How it Can Push Ahead

When high-pressure processing (HPP) emerged as a force in CPG, the non-thermal alternative to heat pasteurization was heralded as a powerful disruptor in the beverage industry. Today, however, cold-pressed juice has plateaued. Speaking with industry leaders, many in the HPP and juice spaces recognize early mistakes but also paths forward.

Beer Battles Beyond Borders

With all of the talk of tariffs and trade wars, could imported beers end up in the crosshairs? This article takes a look into the performance of some of the leading imported beer companies and how they may, or may not be impacted by the current political climate.


Bevscape: The Latest Beverage Brand News

In beverage news, Coke splits from Big Geyser, Bulletproof raises $40M, Diplo, Von Miller among celebs backing MatchaBar, and Humm develops a non-alcoholic kombucha brewing process.

The First Drop: Mother’s Milk

Editor-in-chief Jeff Klineman weighs in on the battle between dairy and dairy-alternatives, namely almond milk, from the perspective of his 80-year-old mother. This gripping tale of consumer confusion offers an interesting perspective on a beverage space that has been rapidly changing and continues to do so.

Publisher’s Toast: Barry’s Nostalgic Musings

Barry takes a simple game of rock, paper, scissors and creates an analogy to the beverage industry which calls on the harmony that is required between players in the space for the whole game to work, in this throwback article from 2011.