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September-October 2019

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HPP’s Next Stage: Where Cold-Pressed Juice Can Still Grow

As cold-pressed juice moves into the next stage after its mid-decade height as a hot beverage trend, the subcategory continues to grow but leaves behind a reformed field of wholesale players marketing lower-priced offerings, alongside new competition from the private label space.

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2019 Natural Snack Guide

BevNET’s annual Natural Snack Guide is a directory of “better-for-you” packaged snacks and the suppliers and services companies that support those brands.

Kids Beverages: The Shape of Water

If this generation of kids ends up anything like their parents, they’ll be drinking a lot of water. Among other things -- hurricanes in Alabama, the death of Prince -- this past decade will be remembered as the one in which U.S. consumers, spurred on by a combination of mainly health-related factors, put down their sugary beverages and soft drinks in favor of bottled water.

Import Beer: Beyond Borders

It’s no wonder that some of the big brands that once ‘ruled the world’ are finding challenges re-inventing themselves to connect with Millennials and Generation Z.


Publisher’s Toast: Springing Forward into Fall

Fall is a great time to assess what has happened in the marketplace. This has been a busy time on many fronts. First, the pace of launches has gone unabated. CBD has garnered the lion’s share of coverage, leading the charge of new brands crossing our desks.

Gerry’s Insights: Fall Excitement

As we head into the fall trade-show frenzy, when beverage marketers start to show their hand for 2020, I thought I’d offer up some plotlines – and datelines – that are getting my juices flowing.

The First Drop: Embrace the Flood

I’ve been skeptical about the CBD side of the cannabis equation -- between lack of consistent sourcing, metrics, extraction formats, and studies that show efficacious dosing, I’ve been worried about the premature gold rush it’s engendered.