Put a "WOW" in your beer! Steam-distilled pure hop oil made from FRESH hops at harvest time.

Put a "WOW" into your beer to make it stand apart from the crowd! Hopzoil™ is the steam-distilled, solvent-free pure aromatic hop oil produced from only fresh hops at harvest time.

Hopzoil™ startes with a different raw ingredient, (only fresh hops, not dried or processed hops), and a different process (no solvents, only pure steam-distillation).  The result?  a highly-concentrated, fresh-hop aroma.

Ten varieties are now in stock with samples available: 

Azacca® - Mango; papaya; orange/tangerine/citrus; piney; spicy; pineapple; grassy; tropical fruit; Possible substitute for Citra

Ahhhroma™ - The lab described this new GHR proprietary variety as "Pina Colada".  Ranked #1 variety by brewers at CBC in whole leaf, out of 10 new varieties

Cascade - Medium intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones

Chinook  - Intense grapefruit, spice, and pine

Columbus/CTZ  - Dank aroma, with black pepper, licorice, curry and subtle citrus.  Possible substitute for Amarillo

El Dorado®  - Tropical fruit flavors (pineapple), mango, plus pear, watermelon and stone fruit notes 

Pekko®  - Clean; floral; melon; pineapple; pears; saaz-like cucumber; mint; herbal; sage; touch of lemon

Glacier Blend-7  - An annual aromatic blend of 30 fresh hop varieties, with a base of about 30% Cascade.  Nice.

Harvest Blend-6  - A limited production blend of about 70% Cascade, complimented with 20 other varieties

The intense, fresh "WOW" is only part of the equation.  Think of these pure essential hop oils as 'liquid dry-hopping".  Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way.  When brewers substitute some-or-all pellets for this ingredient, filtration losses go down by as much as 20% (and corresponding yields go UP by the same amount).  Think of how all that additional "free beer" to sell will impact your bottom line!

Experienced brewers know that the dry-hopping also strips IBU's from beer due the secondary fermentation that occurs.  According to the MBAA Technical Quarterly (#3, 2016), however "hop oil, one of the main reason brewers dry hop, DOES NOT AFFECT THE IBU TEST RESULTS".

A cold-side, post-fermentation aroma addition, Hopzoil™ does not need further filtration, it improves throughput, reduces labor, reduces storage requirements and significantly reduces freight.  Shelf life is extensive (many years), and your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced. 

Now available in both FreshHop™ (pure fresh hop aroma out of the field) and TrueHop™ (fractionalized and blended to replicate pelleted chemistry analysis for existing recipes).

The new Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document was developed by one of our brewers to illustrate how he has developed a procedure that consistently produces optimal results for his beer...and his bottom line.  The Costing Worksheet was developed by a couple of our brewers to determine the actual cost of Hopzoil...and found out that they actually increase their profit for each batch when they use it.

Contact us to receive a copy of the SOP, the Costing Worksheet and to request a FREE SAMPLE of your choice.  NOTE:  FREE SAMPLE OFFER IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO COMMERCIAL BREWERS, AND NOT TO HOME BREWERS.  Home Brewers, feel free to contact us, and we will direct you to dealers carrying home brewer-sized containers.

To Request Your Free Samples:

1.  Please tell us about your pilot system and the most common varieties you use for dry-hopping.

2.  Tell us which variety (or varieties) from the above list you would like to sample. 

3.  Please include your mailing address (so that we know where to send your samples.)

Want your beer to stand apart from the herd?  Try Hopzoil™.

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