5 BBL Brewhouse, and more

  • 5 BBL Brewhouse, $37,500 OBO
  • 3 Vessel Brewhouse includes:  Mash/Lauter Tun, Kettle, and HLT.  Heating Elements (36.2 amps per unit, 15kw) on the Kettle have been seriously upgraded to achieve a 30 minute boil.
  • Also Includes:
    • brewhouse platform.  With 2 variable speed pumps and wort chiller.
    • Siemens computer systems, brewery controls.  One system on the wall and another kiosk on the platform.

-only used 10 mos.
-Make your best offer.

EZ FINANCING available.  Inquire within.

Also available:

  • 10 BBL Kettle, $9,000

-7 BBL yield
-We used as a cold water holding tank.  Other than holding water, the tank is BRAND NEW, never used.
-plumbed for both gas or electric


  • 5 BBL Mash Mixer, $5,000
  • Great Motor!  Use on this tank or remove great motor to use for another application.
  • Needs a little TLC.  Needs a little welding and electrical work, about $500.  The heating elements need to be replaced, around 10kw per burner, about $1,500
  • BTW, we replaced the heating elements on the Kettle, and they work amazingly well, beyond our expectation!  It used to take 4 hours to boil and now it takes 30 minutes to boil.  The above cost to cure is what it cost on the Kettle.  We highly recommend it.  We can give specs and refer you to the same company for replacement.


  • Also....
  • Forklift, $9,800
    electric, good for indoor use like brewery or restaurant
  • Glycol Chiller, $7,600

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Posted at 05/13/2019 11:05 AM

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