Contract Brewing

Meier's Creek Brewing Co is a 4 vessel 60 BBL brew house Located in upstate NY 30 minutes outside of Syracuse and has space available to help your brewery grow. Let our team help you get to the next level without high start up and equipment costs. We offer large quantities as well as minimum 60 BBL minimum order quantity. Here is a list of equipment and lab services that can help you get your beer out into the market. 

4 vessel 60 BBL brew house 

-Mash Tun

-Lauter Tun

-Boil Kettle


60, 120, 240 BBL fermentation tanks

60, 120, 240 BBL brite tanks 

GEA Centrifuge

In-line carbonation

Perfect Pitch

Wild Goose FV 5 canning line

-16 oz, 12 oz, 12 oz sleek compatible


-1/2, 1/4, 1/6 stainless

-20L, 30L PET

R/O water treatment system

Lab capabilities

-Yeast monitoring

-Aerobic and anaerobic micro

-Dissolved oxygen

-Total packaged oxygen






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Posted at 06/10/2020 9:47 AM