Custom Mfg Dosing and Dispensing Caps /Patent Protected

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Created: 9/14/2006

Last Updated: 2/27/2014

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Blast Max custom manufactures Dosing and Dispensing Caps for powders and/or liquids for your brand…

 For Information for Dosing Caps or Custom Dosing Caps Contact;


Founder of BM and inventor Mikel Anderson has dozens of dosing cap patents and hundreds of models to choose from with patented technology and now with custom manufacturing of dosing caps for the client’s wants, needs and desires including chamber size and any thread needs.

 BLAST MAX; changing the industry for ever…with hundreds of styles, shapes and sizes available (capacity fill weight: 1/8 gram - 70 grams of powder and/or liquid)

The Blast Max is the future to the beverage industry and the future is here now…


 For just pennies you can now be the leader in Beverage Technology that can help change the way we drink. Pure - Natural - Simple and Fun