Journeyman Brewer Course October 21

A new Journeyman Brewer online class starts on October 4th 2021. This is a 6 weeks online program, teaching fundamental brewing technology.  It is tailored to the needs of Micro, Craft and Industrial Brewing personnel. The Journeyman Brewer class is a one of a kind program in brewing education. It combines theoretical knowledge with a hands on internship experience in a brewery! The class will provide essential knowledge in raw materials, brewing technology, quality control, packaging cleaning/sanitation and more. It’s also ideal for passionate home-brewers who seek to get their foot into the door of professional brewing.

Also important:

A new Technical Brewer Certification course starts on October 11th 2021. The Technical Brewer Certification program is an advanced educational program in Brewing Technology and Brewery Operations Management. It’s tailored to the needs of Leadership in the Brewing Industry and provides the necessary theoretical and practical background for Lead Brewers and Head Brewers to successfully manage and lead Brewing Operations. The Technical Brewer Certification program is a two-month online program and consists of 2 classes, the Applied Brewing Science Class and Advanced Brewing Practices.

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Posted at 09/24/2021 3:25 PM