New York Based Contract Bottling (PET, GALLONS, BULK - Non Carbonated)

Beak & Skiff is a 100+ year old family business with a rich tradition in the cider business.  Recent expansions included a fully automatic PET bottling line.  We are looking for contract business to grow our operations.  We are dedicated to customer service and have an on site team to help with your production development needs.

Syracuse, NY

30,000 Sq. Ft Facility.

Refrigeration on site

Bottling Line Capabilities

  • Good Nature HTST Pasteurization
  • Centrifuge (Fresh Cider)
  • Brand new bottling line with capability for filling:  12oz., 16 oz, 48 oz, and Gallon PET bottles.
  • Fully Automated front and back end.
  • 38 DBJ Cap Size for all PET Bottles

Product Capabilities

  • Fresh Cider (2 Good Nature Apple Presses In House)
  • Concentrate Juice Products
  • Cold Brew Coffee (Purchased a new system arriving in April to scale operations)
  • Un-Carbonated Beverages utilizing a PET Bottle

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Posted at 11/30/2017 10:05 AM