Optimus Natural Merchandising Company

Optimus Natural Foods is a sales and merchandising company that focuses on solid retail support for emerging as well as established brands.  Our educated, friendly and diligent staff members work with our affiliates to expand your brand daily while striving for client satisfaction. With over a decade of experience in the market has allowed us to build key relationships with buyers which is essential for success in this industry.  We are currently managing our clients throughout the Northeast, North Atlantic and Mid Atlantic regions with much success.  

Optimus Natural Foods was born in 2015 and Nancy, Wilfrido’s wife, began service exclusively with Whole Foods Market’s New York City stores. Nancy began her career as a merchandiser in 2014, and with Wilfrido’s aid, quickly learned the intricacies of the business. Optimus’ mission and purpose is to provide the best service with the combination of Wilfrido and Nancy experience, hard work, dedication and passion for what they do best. Unlike many other merchandising companies, Optimus doesn’t focus solely on packing out what their clients have in stock, Optimus also prioritizes sales as well as merchandising.

At Optimus Natural Foods, we optimize our resources to offer superior focus and ultimate commitment to your brand.  Success is achieved by your brand’s level of visibility to the consumer.  The following are the services that we provide to Optimize Your Road To Success:

  • SALES: Optimus fields a team of dedicated managers and sales professionals who place orders in person in the optimal amount.  Our sales professionals work closely with each buyer to maximize the potential of each of our products.
  • MERCHANDISER: Optimus offers full merchandising support to ensure your products are always on the shelf for the consumer to buy.

Optimus is a family-owned, family-run and privately held company.

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