NY Fancy Food Show Recap

Tune into our live coverage of the Natural Products Expo West Show below:

The Switch booth was hopping
Liz Marlin at the Fizzy Lizzy booth
Team Switch pounds the street in Cambridge, MA

@@img2 Just over a week ago, the BevNET took its yearly trip to the NASFT Fancy Food Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. There were a variety of great beverage products on display — and below we’ll take you through the highlights of the show:

The Switch – Quite possibly the busiest booth at the show (besides Emeril), we had to work our way to the front of the crowd to speak with The Switch team. Bill Hargis took the time to speak with us about the great progress that The Switch is making in its summer rollout.

Honest Tea – Seth & Barry were on hand as we sampled their newest flavor, Haarlem Honeybush Tea (coming soon to BevNET!), as well as one of the best batches of Blackforest Berry that they’ve ever made.

Republic of Tea – As always, the Republic of Tea put on quite a show with their spectacular booth. In addition to showcasing the latest in their amazing line of leaf teas, Ron Rubin gave us a sneak preview of The Republic of Tea’s first line of bottled teas to be targeted at the retail consumer. Stay tuned for more info.

Reeds Ginger Brews – Reeds, which is the only soda that is truly brewed, was at the show displaying their latest entry into the soft drink market — RTD teas with ginger. They’ve got quite a kick and are definitely worth a try.

@@img1 Fizzy Lizzy – Liz Marlin was sampling several of the reformulated flavors of Fizzy Lizzy. Many of the flavors have made significant improvement and will be coming soon to a BevNET Review.

Itoen – Japan’s most popular tea company (and the world’s largest green tea manufacturer) is finally making it’s way to the states. Several RTD flavors will be available in a unique square plastic bottle. In addition, they will be launching their new “Gotta Juice” line of RTD fruit infusions.

Rox – This major European energy drink player is starting it’s launch in the US. Featuring a variety of different packaging options, including a 2 liter plastic bottle, Rox will be sure to find it’s way onto the store shelves soon.

Bomba – This uniquely packaged energy drink from Austria was being displayed by Bruce Burwick. Bruce said we should stay tuned for several changes in the product line, including changes to the flavor offering and packaging.

Tommy’s Naked Soda – We had to stop by and visit fellow Bostonian Tom Bleier who makes this fine product. It’s a very clean and refreshing line of all natural soft drinks offered in a variety of flavors. Watch out for this up and coming brand.

Oregon Chai – The Oregon Chai team made it’s trip from the west coast to show off their latest creation — Oregon Chai Iced Tea. This unique product uses the same chai flavor, but is mixed with water instead of milk or dairy substitute. Look for it wherever Oregon Chai is sold.

Wild Fruitz – Owner Trev Warshauer gave us the low down on Wild Fruitz and offered us a sampling of some of his finest flavors. We absolutely love the real fruit taste of this sparkling fruit beverage.

Dolce Vita – Industry veteran Bill Silberman is helping to bring this fine sparkling juice product to the states. Imported from Italy, it’s packaged in a bottle that is reminiscent of a fine bottle of champagne.

Swiss Deliss – This Swiss iced tea manufacturer has finally put its product in plastic bottles (although the tetra pak is still available) to help gain market share at the retail level.

Also spotted at the show were Hemp Soda, Niagra (soon to be changing its name), XL Energy Drink (from Poland), Ginger People, Mira, Cockta, & EuroBubblies.

Next stop: This October’s InterBev show in Atlanta. See you there!