XO Energy Drink — In a word, XOlent!

@@img1 You might wonder, “Does the world really need another energy drink?” Well if the beverage in question is XO, then the answer is a resounding YES!

As trends go, energy beverages have developed a huge following recently. Seemingly overnight, the market has seen a deluge of “wanna-be” products trying to cash in on the nation’s hottest trend. But the “questionable” quality of many of these drinks helps explain why so many of them are here today, gone tomorrow. Frankly, it’s understandable if retailers and consumers are a bit confused by their choices. It’s difficult to know which of these drinks deliver and which are plain hype.

With that in mind, XO Energy Drinks set out to distinguish their line of beverages with superior quality and superior packaging. Did they succeed? Again, a resounding YES!

So what’s so different?

XO comes in several distinctly different flavors ranging from dry, to sweeter, more aromatic blends. Even the most discriminating palate will find something to love here. Whether it’s original flavor, berry, citrus, grape, peach, vanilla or XO-2, the delicious diet version- there’s something for everyone. And unlike much of the competition, XO is not carbonated and it’s alcohol free, making it perfect for mixing with vodka or your spirit of choice.

While other energy drinks are targeted exclusively at a younger demographic, XO has crossover appeal, making it ideal for anyone 18 and older. Students, athletes and business execs alike, can all benefit from the great taste and energy of this superb product.


Only the highest quality ingredients go into the making of XO. One drink, and your body is supplied with energy rich carbohydrates, vitamins and caffeine. And to help regulate the nervous system and muscles, XO contains Taurine, an essential amino acid which naturally occurs in the body.


A unique product deserves unique packaging, and again, XO does not disappoint. It is also available in an elegant amber glass bottle holding 150 ml/5.7 oz. of this amazing energy elixir. It can be found in convenience stores, grocery aisles and at the most fashionable clubs and restaurants.

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For more information contact: Jo Amar at XO Energy Drink, at 212-575-0662 or 212-575-7992 email joamar@xoenergy.com, or visit www.xoenergy.com