How many beverage companies have made it big without the use of advertising?
Coke? Bud? 7-up? Coors?

Remaining a cult beverage is perfectly fine when bottlers want their brand to stay small. But if your trying to get your beverage to find distribution or your companies’ goal for the year is to increase share beyond where it presently is, how do you do it without advertising?

Well, the answer is you probably won’t. And some bottlers are fine with that. But those that aren’t… consider the following; advertising can serve more than just driving sales. Have you thought about it? Branding your bottle on television or radio can make you look like a very big deal. And if perception is reality, being on broadcast airwaves is always more impressive than a print ad in the local underground newspaper. Yet its what so many of us do. Is it a cost factor or is it fear of the unknown? It’s probably a little of both.

So if you’re considering that this year is Your year to take your brand and get it seen and tasted and considered… look into broadcast advertising. Know who your target drinker is? Match that to the radio stations and TV shows that match that drinker. Find out from there what it will cost to run on those shows and most importantly, what it will cost to do so for a test period of 90 days. One thing is for sure, your commercial has got to say something unique and embodies Your drinks personality. Never let a station do your spot for you. They are in business to sell time not creative production. Hire a creative team that knows how to produce broadcast advertising and does this kind of work for a living and can prove it with credits of past broadcast clients. Don’t settle for just A commercial. Make it Your commercial, Your culture on broadcast…. make sure that the impressions that are made are accurate to your companies vision of your drink.

And finally, look at the electronic marketing like an investment, not a cost. Be advised advertising is 100% tax deductible annually and it’s not required to be amortized. And above all, go with your gut. Team up with people in advertising that you like, that like you, that are interested in Your mission, Not their award rack. If you don’t really connect to this team, do not hire them. Make sure the chemistry is really there and you’ll have a really good time during the course of your ad campaign development. Do this, and your experience in the ad world will be most enjoyable and so will the results.

Keith Brunson
President, The Brunson Agency