Sprite Remix vs. Mountain Dew LiveWire

Remix and LiveWire side by side

@@img1 CAMBRIDGE, MA — While Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are preparing to launch Sprite Remix and Mountain Dew LiveWire, respectively, BevNET has been busy testing these latest offerings.

First of all, what are these two products all about? Mountain Dew LiveWire is a new orange version of Pepsi’s popular Moutain Dew citrus beverage, while Sprite Remix is the base Sprite flavor with “Tropical flavors”. Perhaps the most interesting thing about either of these two products is that Pepsi has already stated that LiveWire will only be available for the summer — perhaps due to way that Pepsi Blue literally fizzled on the shelves. Coke, on the other hand, is riding high off of the Vanilla Coke launch and has announced no such plans to this extension to the number one citrus soda brand. Look for both products on the store shelves starting in May/June.

As for the taste, our panel preferred Mountain Dew LiveWire to Sprite Remix. [Note: For individual analysis, please read our review of LiveWire and Remix]. Here’s how they stacked up:

Packaging: Advantage LiveWire. LiveWire uses the Mountain Dew brand much more successfully than Sprite Remix. The label is clear and really tells the consumer that it’s part of the Mountain Dew Brand. In addition, Remix’s label is clear, which makes it hard to read from a distance.

Name: Advantage Remix. Sprite Remix is a clean name, which clearly tells the consumer that it’s a new version of Sprite. LiveWire, on the other hand, implied (in our tests) something related to a web site or online campaign.

Flavor: Advantage LiveWire. The clean orange taste is very familiar to the panel’s palate. Remix’s flavor is much less natural tasting.

What does this all mean? Well, our expert panel can say what it wants, but you can be certain that Coke and Pepsi will be spending millions to promote these products this summer. Will they last and become a part of the full season lineup? Stay tuned.

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