Announcing.ZYGOT “The Morning Vodka”

@@img1 New York, NY: Icon Brands announces the creation and release of its first product, Zygo, the Morning Vodka.

What is Zygo?

Zygo is the first and only energy spirit (70 proof) and a fresh new concept in the vodka category. It is ultra premium vodka that is distilled from American potatoes and boosted with a blend of taurine, d-ribose, guarana and yerba mate. These functional, revitalizing ingredients give you the energy to keep you going long into the night (or morning!). Now you can turn any traditional vodka drink into a sophisticated energy cocktail.

Icon Brands president, Ron Zier, says, “The introduction of Zygo marks the first branded offering of functional ingredients within the spirits category. Now men and women have a great tasting, mixable alternative. This marks a new age of cocktail drinking.”

Wherever you go, Zygo!

Have you ever found yourself
. At Happy Hour with 8 more happy hours to go?
. At last call and home is not your next destination?
. At the after-party looking for the after-after party?

If so, have your favorite bartender mix you a Zygo energy cocktail.

The great taste of Zygo is a proprietary flavor blending mandarin orange, juniper, peach and vanilla. It can be consumed straight, on the rocks or is infinitely mixable. Some of the popular Zygo creations include:

. Zygo Energy Cosmo- A boosted twist on this popular classic! Try one at the Shore Club on South Beach.
. Zygo to Heaven- Zygo, Grapefruit, Cointreau, Splash of Soda.
. Zygo-Fly- The signature drink at the New York night club, Centro-Fly. Zygo, shaken with a splash of fresh orange juice.
. Rise & Shine – Zygo and Grapefruit juice.
. Zygo “energy shot”- A chilled shot of Zygo and a splash of cassis. Try one at Lava Gina in the East Villlage.

Do you want to Zygo?

If you do, call Icon Brands for a sample or for more information.

ZygoT flavored vodka, 35% Alc/Vol. c2002 Zygo Distillers, Rigby, ID. Please enjoy Zygo Responsibly.

Contact: Icon Brands
Ron Zier #212.206.7833