health-conscious rapper 50 cent and vitaminwater join forces to create “formula 50”

vitaminwater execs have resisted the urge
to rename the company v-unit

@@img1 whitestone, ny – multi-platinum selling hip hop artist 50 cent has teamed up with enhanced water category leader glacéau vitaminwater to launch a new variety that delivers fifty (or “fiddy” as the kids say) percent of your daily vitamins in a tasty grape flavor. the name: formula 50.

like the rest of the vitaminwater line, formula 50 is all-natural, low-calorie, and tastes as good as it makes your body feel. and like everything else involving 50 cent, formula 50 is already flying off shelves in select retail stores across the country.

50 cent is very passionate about vitaminwater and has incorporated it into his healthy lifestyle for years. he has been known to go to great lengths to protect his body, and for him drinking vitaminwater makes as much sense as wearing a bulletproof vest. whether he’s gulping a power-c during his daily workout or drinking a revive after a long night in the recording studio, vitaminwater works to support his active lifestyle.

“being as healthy as i am-i don’t drink alcohol-vitaminwater helps me live a healthier lifestyle and control what goes into my body,” says 50 cent. “the nutrients give me the energy that i don’t always get from my diet, and certainly can’t get from any other beverage.”

50 cent’s music is rooted in his real life experiences and it resonates with people because they relate to his story. in a similar way, consumers across the country have connected with vitaminwater’s 13 different varieties each offering a unique flavor and function to meet their specific needs throughout the day.

“vitaminwater is the hottest beverage in the country and g-unit makes the hottest music in the country so this partnership is a natural fit,” said to rohan oza, senior vice president of marketing for glacéau.

formed in1996 and based in whitestone, n.y., glacéau is the pioneer and leader in the enhanced water category. for the last four years, vitaminwater has been the fastest growing bottled water brand in the industry. following its introduction in new york in 2000, consumers immediately embraced vitaminwater and have helped it achieve iconic status. since then, influential bi-coastal consumers have brought the brand to los angeles, miami, san francisco and chicago, prompting glacéau to respond to that demand. today, vitaminwater is distributed at retail outlets in more than 45 states nationwide.