ZoTa Zeroing?

Burlington, VT – Green Tea soda company ZoTa Soda is trying to come up with a way to stay afloat.

“We’re in the middle of restructuring right now,” said Andrew Shamis, CEO of ZoTa, which has been in distribution for about six months.

Shamis was answering questions regarding his company’s health because of a recent report in Beverage Business Insights, an industry newsletter, which noted that “word on the street is the Burlington, VT purveyor of green tea sodas may be closing its doors.”

Shamis referred other questions to a P.R. rep, who did not call BevNET, but not before mentioning “We’re dealing with public companies. We have to keep things quiet.”

According to BBI’s sources, ZoTa had reached store shelves but sales had not been spectacular. Green Tea competitor Steaz, which had attempted to head ZoTa’s product release off before it took place, said they had a strong direct-store-delivery network in New England and would push on in the subcategory, according to BBI.