Coke Strike Update

For Coke, it’s one up, one down when it comes to strikes at two key bottling plants.

Workers at the Coca-Cola Enterprises plant in Hartford, CT voted on May 28 to return to work after walking out last Monday in protest over the breakdown of current contract negotiations and Coke’s continuing push to have workers pay more for their healthcare benefits. Employees in the Teamsters Local 1035 union, representing 350 workers at the plant, approved a new 6 1/2 year contract that will, on average, increase their salaries by 3.2 percent annually.

In Los Angeles, however, things got worse: the International Brotherhood of Teamsters launched a boycott against Coke products late last week. Around 1,700 union members are on strike at all seven bottling and distribution plants run by CCE in the LA area.

Teamsters officials said on Friday that their members would distribute leaflets at major shopping outlets over the weekend.