Old Orchard Brands Refreshes the Look of Its Premium 100 Percent Fruit Juice Blends

SPARTA, Mich., June 6 /PRNewswire/ — New products, expanded distribution and 15 to 20 percent sustained growth over the past five years is leading Old Orchard Brands to refresh its popular and successful 100 percent fruit juice blends line with new labels that are brighter, bolder and present new fruit illustrations and improved graphics.


Refreshing labels on all six of its 100 percent fruit juice blends is a continuation of an effort by the company to position its various products into sub-segments of the Old Orchard Brand. Old Orchard introduced several new products in 2004, which rapidly expanded the number and varieties of juice blends and juice cocktails that the company now offers. In addition, the company will soon add an additional 100 percent fruit juice blend to the newly refreshed line of 100 percent juices.

“We offer more than 42 bottled juice and juice cocktail varieties, 10 of these are 100 percent fruit juice products,” said Michael McDonald, vice president of sales and marketing for Old Orchard Brands. “We’re currently working to reposition all our products for consumers and retailers. Our labels will take the guesswork out of what’s a 100 percent fruit juice and what’s a blend or a cocktail.”

McDonald added that the redesigned labels are in response to retailer feedback. “The new labels are much more visually appealing and we think it will help increase sales for retailers. The refreshed labels will look good both on the shelf and in the refrigerator.”

Over the last six months, Old Orchard has launched four major new product lines. Old Orchard’s offerings are now broken into the following five categories:

* Old Orchard 100 percent Juice — All natural, no sugar added fruit juices.

* Old Orchard Nectars — A refreshing line of tropical 100 percent juice blends and fruit juice cocktails, including flavors like Apple Peach Mango, Mango and Papaya.

* Old Orchard Healthy Balance — A line of 10 fruit juice cocktails that contains 75 percent less calories, carbs and sugar than regular items of the same variety.

* Old Orchard Organics — A premium line of four USDA Certified Organic 100 percent fruit juices.

* Old Orchard Mixers — A line of the three most popular frozen drink mixers — Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita and Pina Colada — in 12-oz. plastic containers for easy defrosting and no-mess preparation.

“It has been extremely busy at our headquarters since last fall,” McDonald said. “In addition to launching the Mixers, Organics, Nectars and Healthy Balance lines, we installed new bottling technology and upgraded some machinery at our Michigan facility. Last summer, we launched production in California to increase our capacity and reach retailers more cost-effectively in the western states.”

Sparta, Michigan-based Old Orchard Brands is one of the fastest growing fruit juice brands in the United States. The privately held company started operations in 1985 and offers consumers 29 frozen concentrate flavors and 42 bottled varieties in a range of 100 percent fruit juices, blends and low- carbohydrate fruit juice cocktails.