Coke Energizes Tab

Thrusting a nostalgia brand fully into the spotlight, the Coca-Cola Co. has plans to recharge its original diet drink, Tab, full force – as an energy drink.

Coke bottlers were given the opportunity to try the 10.5-oz. energy drink last week during meetings in Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. They also got to try coffee-flavored Coca-Cola Blak and Dasani Sensations, a flavored sparkling water.

While Coke never took Tab off the market, it stopped advertising the saccharin/aspartame sweetened drink, which comes in an iconic pink can, in 1987. The new energy drink, which will remain low-calorie but will be hyper-charged with caffeine, will come in a similarly pink can with the old Tab logo and the word “energy” in small yellow letters.

The brand will be targeted towards young women.

Although it has nearly disappeared from shelves, Tab has reappeared in popular culture in recent years, both in sitcoms and in fashion. And it’s apparently the favorite of Coke Chairman and CEO Neville Isdell, according to the Journal-Constitution.

The production of a Tab energy drink would continue to boost Coke’s energy portfolio, which has grown in the past year via a distribution agreement with the Rockstar brand, as well as the introduction of its own Full Throttle. The company also licensed the Von Dutch label from the eponymous clothing company and will launch an energy offering with that name next month.