Beverages Aim For the H-Word at Expo East

If one word reigned supreme at the Natural Foods Expo East last week in Washington, D.C., it would have to be “health.”

From the owners of Inko’s (web site: to the owners of Steaz sodas (the Healthy Beverage Company) this salubrious statement kept slipping from lips.

It should come as no surprise, with Americans getting fatter and yet so many tasty products entering the market to make living longer worthwhile, that there were a host of manufacturers of consumables offering the answers to both. Drink this tea and have a healthy heart! Drink this soda and get vitamin C!

And while only the rarest of products could immediately produce the health benefits touted by so many, there were a great many that had the potential to make one want more.

There were particularly strong offerings available in juices, teas and CSD’s – although not many new product introductions were to be had. The folks from Izze’s were there, as were principals of Sweet Leaf Tea and Guayaki Yerba Mate, a self-professed “organic energy drink,” and many others (see attached photos).

A day of meet-and-greets left BevNET exhausted, but not the rest of the folks. Health and good taste left them in the mood to party. BevNET readers with photos from the after-show bashes are invited to send them along. Until then, enjoy the following snaps….

Expo East Photo Gallery