Naked Juice Re-brands and Updates Packaging to Clearly Communicate Health Benefits

October 19, 2005 (Azusa, CA) – Nutrition-savvy consumers, motivated by the revised food pyramid and research on the health benefits of adding fruits and vegetables to daily diets, are flocking to Naked® Juice. Why? Because every single-serve (15.2oz) bottle of Naked Juice delivers on “the POUND promise” with a pound of all-natural “bare-naked” fruits and no added sugar or preservatives.

To convey the important health benefits and taste profile of the products, Naked Juice is re-branding its full line of super-premium juices with new contemporary, colorful packaging.

The new Naked Juice labels are more sophisticated for savvy consumers with realistic fruit graphics on the front panel. The side panels graphically show the exact amount fruit per bottle, as well as information on the added “boosts” (such as vitamins, Echinacea, blue-green algae, and soy protein). With the line “A Pound of Fruit in Every Bottle” front-and-center on the label, consumers get a clear picture of just how easy it is to incorporate more fruit into their daily diets.

“Our new packaging has tremendous impact on shelf with a new logo and colorful graphics that exemplify the spirit and energy of the brand in addition to the positive nutritional benefits of the product line,” says Kimber Ward, director of marketing for Naked Juice. “We designed our new packaging to make the buying decision easier for the consumer by listing the exact amount of fruit and boosts in each bottle. Our customers appreciate the what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude of our brand and we wanted to extend that feeling into our packaging.”

However, the packaging isn’t the only new item Naked Juice is launching this fall.

New this October: Pomegranate containing 100 percent pure pomegranate juice joins the Naked Juice antioxidant family. Consumers have been clamoring for pure pomegranate juice in the last few years and the demand just keeps rising. Naked is happy to answer the call.

Naked Juice is also introducing Pomegranate Blueberry offering consumers the health benefits of two “power fruits” in one, with loads of healthy antioxidants.

Like all Naked Juice products, each of these new flavors will contain a pound of fruit in every 15.2oz bottle-or two and a half convenient servings of delicious, all-natural fruit.

The Naked Juice line is available at grocery and natural food stores throughout the country at the suggested retail price of $3.19 for 15.2oz fruit juice smoothies and protein smoothies and $2.59 for Just Juice varieties. For more information about where to purchase Naked Juice, visit
About The Naked Juice Company

Naked® Juice, a leader in the super-premium juice category, was founded and first marketed towel-to-towel on the beaches of Santa Monica, CA in 1983. The Naked Juice line of all-natural 100 percent juices, fruit juice smoothies and protein smoothies are made from the best bare-naked fruits and boosts with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. The pure, nutritional product line is sold in supermarkets, club stores, health food stores and neighborhood markets throughout the nation.

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