Pepsi sics SoBe on Glaceau

Taken aback by the fast growth of Energy Brands’ Vitaminwater into what had been dominance in the nutriceutical category, PepsiCo’s SoBe subsidiary will soon launch an enhanced water of its own.

Glaceau has ridden guerilla marketing strategies to enormous sales expansion over the past three years, to the point where PepsiCo is feeling the heat. Even though it has been forced to work outside of the two leading distribution networks, Glaceau is clearly the most active player in the enhanced water business.

Propel, a flavored “fitness water” launched by PepsiCo’s Gatorade, has also been tremendously successful, but it is obvious that the market share for doesn’t have the potential for much more growth. SoBe, with its reputation for innovative, alternative products, is the logical choice for the company’s next attempt to stem Glaceau’s growth.

Beverage Digest revealed recently that PepsiCo has trademarked the names SoBe Life Water and Life Water by SoBe. Both of those names are strong indicators that PepsiCo is uncomfortable with a static approach to enhanced waters.