Sunny Delight Beverages Co. Launches National 10-Month Promotional Tour

Cincinnati, OH (March 13, 2006) – Sunny Delight® Beverages Co., makers of SunnyDT juice drinks, have launched a nationwide 60,000- mile Summer 4 EverT road trip, designed to help promote the spirit of summer while linking-up with retailers in cities all across the United States.

The tour kicked off in Cincinnati on February 27 and also concludes there on November 12. It features two SunnyD “Sunmobiles” (20-foot step vans with attached trailers), each specially designed to communicate SunnyD’s Summer 4 Ever theme, and staffed with a two-person team. They will travel across the United States spreading summer fun with free beverages, games and music.

The SunnyD Summer 4 Ever road trip includes stops in major markets such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Atlanta, as well as smaller cities such as Bentonville, AR; Birmingham, AL; Boise, ID and Memphis, TN. The vehicles will spread the spirit of summer with visits to retail locations across the United States where they will distribute free samples of SunnyD (the No. 1 selling chilled juice drink in grocery store volume and sales, according to ACNielsen data for calendar year ending December 31, 2005), as well the beverage company’s newest products — SunnyD BajaT, Orange Peach and Orange Strawberry- along with coupons and fun Summer 4 Ever themed prizes.

SunnyD Orange Peach and Orange Strawberry will be available in 128 oz. and 64 oz bottles in the refrigerated section. Sunny Delight will also introduce two new varieties of their shelf stable product, SunnyD Baja in Orange Berry and Orange Pineapple which will be available in 6-packs of 12 oz bottles. All three varieties will be available to consumers by May of this year.

The scope of the tour, in terms of number of markets and duration of the program, promises to make the SunnyD Summer 4 Ever road trip one of epic proportions. The 10-month long tour will travel an average of 1,500 miles per week as the vans visit more than 50 major U.S. markets in 37 states.

“The tour vehicles will be driving the equivalent of two times around the world,” said Jennifer Cottle, Brand Manager for Cincinnati-based Sunny Delight Beverages Co. “We’re going to spend the better part of a year on the road to reach our consumers where they live, and spend time with family and friends in their home towns. Technically, there are more efficient ways to reach a mass audience, but there is no more personal way of creating a relationship than this.”

According to Cottle, by the time the program ends in November, SunnyD hopes to have made 2.6 million direct consumer impressions, increased awareness of SunnyD products and forged a lasting relationship with consumers and retailers that would not have been possible using advertising alone.

Other marketing efforts surrounding the Summer 4 Ever road trip include advertising with national consumer publications, in store point-of-sale materials and freestanding inserts that will be distributed in twenty-one major markets.

Also complementing the Summer 4 Ever road trip is an interactive Web site,, where kids and families can checkout the Summer 4 Ever road trip map, request an appearance by the SunnyD Sunmobile when it comes to their city, register to win one of three family vacation packages or one of twenty-seven, $100 gas cards and view photos from the road trip.

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About Sunny Delight® Beverages Co.:
Sunny Delight® Beverages Co. is a leading producer of juice-based drinks in North America and Western Europe. The company was formed from brands acquired from Procter & Gamble in 2004. Its worldwide headquarters are in Cincinnati, OH.