smartwater Pays a Visit to Dr. 90210

@@img1Whitestone, NY – a nip here, a tuck there and voilá…smartwater® has a whole new look that even joan rivers would be proud of…not to mention a bright future. Glacéau®, the pioneer and leader of the enhanced water category, is pleased to announce that smartwater has undergone some “work,” and beginning this month, will be flaunting its stuff – more than ever before – on store shelves and beyond across the nation.

With a whole new look, expanded distribution into central and southern states, dedicated field marketing and sales manpower and a fleet of dedicated glacéau tasting vehicles, smartwater is poised to follow in the footsteps of its popular sibling, vitaminwater®.

“Smartwater is experiencing the same type of exponential growth we saw with vitaminwater two years ago, said mike repole, president, glacéau. “Now, with all the resources we’re putting behind the brand, smartwater will reach its full potential.”

While the product maintains its slender silhouette, the new packaging provides a fresh look, and an arresting on-shelf presence. The new label touts the products’ key benefits: purity you can taste. Hydration you can feel. It reads as follows:

Is it just us or do clouds get a bad rap? While we admit they’re not as great to have around on a beach day, as say, the sun, clouds are unsung heroes because they contain nature’s purest source of water. Meanwhile, spring water comes from the ground and contains random stuff and whatever else the animals that swim in it leave behind. That’s why we copied our white puffy friends by creating smartwater. It’s vapor distilled so it is in its purest original state. It’s a difference you can taste…unless of course, you have no taste buds (then you’re on your own). But, we don’t stop there. We one-up the clouds by adding electrolytes just in case you do decide to hit the beach. Unfortunately, we can’t fix that whole men in speedos® thing.

An unexpected inner label featuring an image of a goldfish visually depicts what many of us have suspected for years: Spring water is not the purest option. The label reads: spring water is for swimming, smartwater is for drinking. (Smartwater’s dominance over all other types of water – including tap, spring, and purified water – is featured in a purity “hierarchy” on point-of-sale materials.)

Smartwater is available in four sizes: 500ml (srp: $.99), 750ml sports bottle (srp: $1.29), 1l (srp: $1.49) and 1.5l (srp: $1.99). the sports bottle is also available in a multi-pack.

About glacéau
Formed in 1996, glacéau® is the creator of the enhanced water category and maker of vitaminwater®, fruitwater® and smartwater®. we are all about keeping things real and so we use only natural flavors and colors in our products. Glacéau was started by a guy who simply wanted better water and couldn’t find it, so he made it himself. Glacéau has experienced more than 200% compounded annual growth since inception, and now more than 3 million bottles are sold every day to thirsty people like you. Not bad for a little company based in queens. For more information visit