Worldwide Beverage Distribution, Inc., Launches New Pomegranate Juice-based “POM POM” Energy Drink

BOCA RATON, Florida, Monday, May 15, 2006/BeverageMarketing/ — Worldwide Beverage Distribution, Inc., announced today the launch of POM POMT Energy Drink, a highly effective pomegranate-juice based energy drink. The non-carbonated POM POM Energy Drink has a great passion fruit flavor that overcomes the number one negative of current energy drinks; their medicine-like taste. And, unlike other energy drinks, POM POM Energy Drink is all-naturally flavored, and contains no preservatives or taurine. The pomegranate juice used to make POM POM Energy Drink is prepared by removing the water from unfermented pomegranate juice which has been obtained from washed, sorted and extra sweet pomegranates. It is 100% natural and contains no additives, preservatives, essence, flavoring or coloring of any kind.

POM POM Energy Drink’s main stimulating ingredient is guaraná (Paullinia cupana), a South American berry that’s effective against mental and physical fatigue. Guaraná owes its natural energizing virtue to an alkaloid (guaranin) that is chemically similar to caffeine. New research indicates that pomegranates may also help protect against breast and prostate cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Other promising research suggests pomegranates may inhibit skin cancer and help lower cholesterol. Scientists now know what makes the pomegranate so medicinally beneficial, it is the antioxidant power of anthocyanins (delphinidin, cyanidin and pelargonidin) and hydrolyzable tannins (punicalin, pedunculagin, punicalagin and gallagic and ellagic acid esters of glucose), natural chemical substances that support microbiological balance, maintain immune system health, promote joint flexibility, and provide positive mental support.


“With a superior stimulating beverage from a taste and nutraceutical standpoint, POM POM Energy Drink is expected to bring new consumers to the energy drink category, energy drinks are currently the fastest growing segment of the $100 billion dollar beverage industry, and pomegranate juice is by far creating a stir among health-conscious consumers and retailers alike,” says Richard Davis, President of Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., “Scientific research also suggests that pomegranate juice may possess super antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that could have potential therapeutic benefits in a variety of diseases.” explained Davis.

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POM POM Energy Drink will help you look your best, from the inside out, and will enhance your body, mind, and spirit. POM POM Energy Drink is a beverage that tastes great and that you can drink at any time. The tag line says it all: Enjoy a POM POM Energy Drink and Feel Like a Cheerleader Again! While many scientist and medical doctors seem baffled by the apparent effects of pomegranate juice consumers are not waiting for further scientific evaluations the stuff flying off the shelf. A POM POM Energy Pill is also in the works. For more inf. visit

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