New Beverage Company to Launch on MTV’s “Twentyfourseven”

Freedom Beverage Co. Launches Freedom Energy Drink and Freedom H2O in conjunction with a new MTV show.

Hollywood, CA – June 20, 2006 – Freedom Beverage Co. announced that Freedom Energy Drink and Freedom H2O, bottled in Fiji, will be ready to ship by August. This launch will be heavily promoted through Greg Carney’s, part owner of Freedom Beverage Co., new reality show, “Twentyfourseven”, premiering this fall on MTV.

Set in Los Angeles, “Twentyfourseven” will follow seven friends — an aspiring entrepreneur, Greg Carney, and his edgy rock star brother, to an actor, a record producer, a filmmaker, a club promoter and a hippie reggae singer — who come from very different backgrounds but share the same goals to make it in Hollywood. Each episode will feature the guys dealing with power, fame and temptation in their real-life situations that will test friendships and reveal their true characters.

MTV’s Entourage-inspired reality series, “Twentyfourseven”, will show the different stages in developing the various products put out by Freedom Beverage Co. “Twentyfourseven” will show everything from meetings with the distributors, to bottling the product, to the celebrity events that will be sponsored by the Freedom Beverage Co.

TJ Rode, KG2 Productions creative director also head of marketing for Freedom Beverage Co., said, “The new products are positioned in the market to sell with or with out the show, but MTV will provide the perfect launch pad.”

“Our three dimensional branding strategy is cross branding Freedom throughout multiple industries with a wide variety of products, speaking to consumers with a voice that will lead a new generation of buyers and change the way companies look at marketing and creating brand loyalty”, Rode said in a statement.

Greg Carney, partner in Freedom Beverage Co. and co-creator of Twentyfourseven, said, “The close relationships he has built with many of Hollywood’s elite would play a large role in how they promote the Freedom brand.”

“Why I’m promoting Freedom?” “Read Galatians 5:13-15.”

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