Coke Gets Respect

The owner of beverage development company Brain Twist has confirmed the sale of a new brand called “Respect” to Coke Consolidated, the country’s second-largest Coca-Cola Co.-affiliated bottler.

The purchase of the drink brand, purportedly a New Age-style non-carbonated beverage along the lines of Fuze or SoBe, marks the third time in the past few months that Coke Consolidated has bitten on a beverage developed by Brain Twist, which has also sold the North Carolina-based bottle a coffee drink based on Cinnabon pastries and a disease-fighting carbonate called “Defense.”

“We did sell it,” said Larry Trachtenbroit, the CEO of Brain Twist, which is developing new beverages for sale to other companies. He would not elaborate, but confirmed that the company was also working on an energy drink called “” and a so-called “revitalization and recovery drink” named “Bounceback.”

The purchase furthers the work of Coke-affiliated companies to add new, largely non-CSD brands to their portfolios. Coke CEO Neville Isdell himself recently made it clear that the company plans to concentrate on shoring up its soda brands before going deeper into its pursuit of non-carbs.

Nevertheless, the addition of more brands to the bottlers’ portfolio does have the potential to increase the breadth of their offerings to retailers who believe the public is thirsting for variety.