Cohee/Smith Introduces SPINNERZ Energy Drink

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Tuesday, September 12, 2006 – Linda Smith is the owner, president and CEO of Cohee/Smith Beverage Distribution, makers of SPINNERZ Energy Drink, a high performance, cutting-edge energizing beverage that will get you spinning! The popularity of automotive reality television shows such as SPIKE TV’s Ride with Funkmaster Flex and MTV’s Pimp My Ride, have fueled the desire by the average Joe to expect more from his ride. From the tricked-out cars that define hip hop cool to the more sophisticated luxury trucks and SUVs. A&E’s Chop who is also an aspiring rapper, and uses only his first name, may be the “King of Cars” in Las Vegas, but, Linda Smith is the “Queen of Spin”, when it comes to spinning rims in Los Angeles.

“Today’s energy drink consumers are much more urban savvy, and are looking for options for their rides that reflect their own personal tastes and styles,” says Z Corp’s president Jeff Weiss. “Often they look to music and rap stars who embrace the extreme bling with preferred features like big wheels and expensive spinning rims. Our professional design team at created the high performance energy drink for Cohee/Smith, from start to finish. The e-drinks design and high energy formula was inspired by this new urban craze,” said Weiss.

“Hip hop serves as the driving force for inner-city culture, creating new lifestyle trends that impact consumer behavior, from choices in fashion to music to rides,” says Smith. “Urban auto aficionados, along with the hip hop community, have embraced our new head spinning energy drink, SPINNERZ, as their own,” said Smith.

This spinning rims trend is certainly not unique to hip hop celebrities. Hummer’s new H3 “Get your girl on” commercial is certainly part of this craze, embracing custom features and revving up consumers. The H3 commercial opens with the sad soccer mom’s expression of hurt and dismay then in fast-forward she rushes to her Hummer dealer, where she signs on the dotted line and then buys a new tricked out H3 and spins off into the sunset, with a grim grin on her face.

“SPINNERZ Energy Drink is a unique cross over beverage appealing to low riders, rap artists and the mainstream, and is expected to attract consumers away from popular energy drinks like Red Bull and Rock Star,” says Richard H. Davis, President of Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., “The start-up company not unlike the FUBU brand which has captured the attention of urban culture, SPINNERZ Energy Drink is the cool way to energize.”

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