National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Show 2006 — BevNET Recap

NACS 2006 -- Las Vegas, NV


The big guns unveiled some new ammunition at this year’s NACS conference, while energy drink makers showed they plan to keep growing by juicing up their products.

As thousands of convenience store retailers swarmed through the Las Vegas Convention Center, big three beverage makers PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Co. and Cadbury-Schweppes unveiled a passel of new products.


Among the highlights: from Coke came Blue Demon, a Hispanic-themed extension of its Full Throttle energy drink line, as well as a red berry flavor of its nascent Vault energy soda. Also, the company pulled back the curtain on Enviga, a green tea-based “negative calorie” drink that company representatives say is scientifically proven to promote calorie burning in the right circumstances. From PepsiCo, a pair of new “natural” energy drinks will be joining its SoBe line, orange and berry SoBe Essentials, while Gatorade moved into the morning with an “A.M.” version. Cadbury revealed its first attempt at the energy drink world in years via its Australian-themed “Coolah,” a 16 oz. Lemonade-flavored full calorie and diet product.

Among major energy drink companies, BooKoo, under new management since a recent investor-led buyout, energy “juices” – energy drinks fortified with fruit juice concentrates — were being poured in the back; new juiced-up energy drinks also came from Rockstar via a guava flavor, the aforementioned SoBe Essentials, as well as a new energy tea, put out by iced tea guru Barry B.W. Cooper.