Izze Founders Unveil New Beverage Biz

A founder of Boulder’s Izze soft drink company, which recently was sold to PepsiCo Inc., has popped the top on a new nutritional drink.

Ex-Izze owner Greg Stroh and partners James Rouse and Wes Brasher have created mix1, an “all-natural, energy-sustaining nutritional beverage,” according to the partners. The product went on the shelves of King Soopers and City Market stores in Colorado Monday.

“Feeding your body efficiently throughout the day is incredibly important, and mix1 helps fast-moving consumers get the nutrients they need without compromising action-packed schedules,” Rouse said in a statement.

Stroh added he and his partners want mix1 be a good-tasting, quality product with the right mix of nutritional ingredients.

Mix1 comes in 11-ounce bottles that sell for about $2. The drink comes in mango, blueberry-vanilla, lime and mixed-berry flavors. It also includes energy-boosting carbohydrates, protein and nutrients.

Stroh helped create the Izze Beverage Co., maker of sparkling fruit juices, in 2002. The privately held business was sold in September to PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP) of Purchase, N.Y., for undisclosed terms.

Brasher, Rouse and Stroh launched Mix1 Inc. this year.