Accounces New Image Posting Feature

Sample image submission for Fred Water

@@img1 is pleased to announce its new Image Posting Feature, which gives beverage companies and other readers the opportunity to post additional images onto the web site.

What does it do?
Every brand listed on the web site has a “More Images” tab that is located on the main page for the brand. The “More Images” displays all approved images that are available. In addition, there is a Camera icon next to each product, which shows additional, high resolution images for each product. Links: Submitted Images | Upload an Image

How does it work? How do I upload?
Simply go to the listing page for the product that you wish to upload images for, click the “More Images” tab, then the “Upload Image” link. This will direct you to the upload form.

Why should I do it?
A snippet of the most recently submitted images are displayed on the homepage (directly below the center banner ads), in our email newsletter, and in a box on the right side of every page. In summary, these images will be displayed in many places, resulting in increased awareness of your brand.

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