BooKoo Seen as Coke Consolidated’s Replacement for Rockstar

According to Beverage Business Insights, Coca-Cola Consolidated is considering BooKoo Energy Drink as a replacement for Rockstar Energy Drink, which was kicked out of the portfolio on April 30, 2007. This caps off a good week for BooKoo Beverages, who also signed a distribution deal with Leading Brands for the Canadian market, filling a spot left vacant by Hansen.

Founded in 2002, BooKoo Beverages had its break in the energy drink category by being the first to introduce a 24oz can in 2004. They’ve gone small as well, launching a compact, super-concentrated 5.75oz can, BooKoo SHOT. While they already have products listed in AC Nielsen’s top 10, these new distribution agreements will undoubtedly strengthen the company’s position in the category.