2007 Bottled Water Buyer’s Guide – FREE DOWNLOAD



The BevNET/Beverage Spectrum Magazine 2007 Bottled Water Buyer’s Guide showcases brands that are available for purchase in the United States and continues the broad coverage of the beverage market readers have come to expect in our 2006 and 2007 Energy Drink and Water Buyer’s Guides. Brands are listed alphabetically with contact information, available products and fl avors, and PACKAGING types. Additionally, to help readers sort through an increasingly varied maze of product characteristics, we have included a graphic key. For those of you keeping score of the most popular brands, we also have sales information for the past year.

Even with the recent bottled water backlash appearing in the media, the category continues to expand with new brands rolling out monthly. Artesian spring and sparkling waters with award-winning glass package designs, waters with charitable or sustainable development missions, waters whose value-added characteristics include added calcium, skin care elements,
exotic fl avors and super-oxygenation are all competing for shelf space and on-premise visibility.

In this year’s edition, there are approximately 116 brand listings. As with our other buyer’s guides, this supplement will help retailers, distributors, and beverage buyers navigate and make potential purchasing decisions in another crowded, fast-growing and highly profi table category. We hope you use this guide to not only fi nd regional brands available in your area, but also to identify those whose unique attributes will add diversity, impact, and, of course, extra profi tability to your shelf sets.



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