CSD prices trend upward in U.S. grocery stores

Carbonated Soft Drink prices in most grocery stores rose last year, with San Francisco and Miami rising the highest, according to Beverage Digest.

BD tracked prices of 192-oz packages sold by PepsiCo, Coca-Cola Cadbury Schweppes and private label companies across 15 U.S. metro markets.

Prices declined in only two markets. In San Francisco, Cadbury’s prices declined 0.4 percent, and private label prices dropped by 1.4 percent in Washington D.C.

Coke and Pepsi raised prices in all 15 markets – with Coke claiming the highest price in six of them. Cadbury priced highest in nine of the markets.

Breakdown of national increases per 192-oz. package:
  • Coke: up 5.8 percent to $4.53
  • Pepsi: up 6.4 percent to $4.32
  • Cadbury: up 4.9 percent to $4.55
  • Private Label: up 4.6 percent to $2.66