Branded ingredients, Probiotics and Cosmetic ingredients major trends from SupplySide West

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, BevNET staff

Over 1,000 companies gathered at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas from October 22-24 for SupplySide West. The show is a major forum for companies that supply the food/beverage/dietary supplement industry with its ingredients, flavors and technology.

“SupplySide West has always been a great way to connect with the industry, ” said BI Nutraceuticals CEO and president George Pontiakos.

“This year, we were pleased to announce our new GRAS ingredient catalog and share BI’s food and beverage capabilities with manufacturers from all over the world.”

The show is a great chance to preview cutting-edge beverage flavors and formulations.

“Future flavor trends are focused on health and wellness as well as natural flavors, colors, and ingredients. This was seen at SupplySide West along with a specific direction towards origin-specific flavors through a wide range of exotic ingredients and superfruits as well as fruit flavors paired with hints of floral and spice,” said Jessica Jones-Dille, Industry Trends Manager for Wild Flavors.

Among the ingredient companies, it was clear that there is a push to make sure that branded ingredients are increasingly featured on beverage labeling. Kyowa Hakko USA was providing samples of its recently GRAS-certified Sustamine, a “high-tech” amino acid dipeptide that promotes muscle rehydration, recovery and can be used as a source for energy refueling.

Nutragenesis was at the show providing information on its branded ingredient Essentra, as well as two other branded ingredients, Sensara (cosmetic functionality) and Wellberry (increases vitamin C functionality). Nutragenesis works closely with Natreon, makers of Capros, for optimizing formulations. This spirit of partnership among supplier companies is something that enables greater innovation and flexibility. Lucien Hernandez, president & CEO of Natreon explained, “All partnerships, when working effectively, lead to innovation, which ultimately expands our customer base and profitability. The key to success is partner selection.”

Probiotics (live bacterial cultures that promote gastrointestinal health) were also a major focus at the show, with a leaflet put together by Institut Rosell Lallemond identifying no fewer than 60 companies offering probiotics at the show. One example was Danisco’s Howaru probiotic straws, which contain small pellets of probiotics that dissolve as fluid is sucked through them.

Ingredients with cosmetic functionality were another growing at the show.

“Beauty from Within is a ‘hot area’ in nutrition right now,” according to Caroline Brons, a marketing manager with DSM Nutritional Products; functional food marketing group. “We see a strong place for beverages in this category. Products will move from ‘specialty’ niche’ type of products, towards large product launches for mass markets.”

DSM is focused on five cosmetic ingredient platforms: UV Protection, Oxidative Stress Protection, SkinBarrier Maintenance and Hydration, Skin Structure, Metabolism and repair, and Healthy Nails and Hair.

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