Bottled Water Industry Calls on Green Groups to Co-operate on Tough Issues


October 2, 2008 — The International Bottled Water Association is calling on environment groups to explore ways that industry and interest groups can work together on issues such as plastic bottle recycling, improving municipal water infrastructure, and the care and protection of watersheds.

IBWA Vice President of Communications extended the olive branch in “An Open Letter to Environmentalists.”

“We think the general public will be interested in this offer, and perhaps even get involved,” Said Lauria. “We realize this subject is very controversial and we hope it encourages people to stand up to the opportunities it presents.”

Lauria said his organization has forwarded the letter to the presidents of the all the groups mentioned in the letter. This list includes the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the Clean Water Action (CWA), and Food and Water Watch (FWW).

“The IBWA seeks to cooperate with these and other environment groups,” said Lauria.

“Please feel free to republish this article on your website, however we ask that you include: Published with permission from the Bottled Water Reporter, August/September 2008.”