Arizona to release organic lines, energy shot

, Assistant Editor

AriZona delivered on a promise made in August this week at the National Association of Convenience Stores show when the company unveiled a flurry of new products that will make forays into the enhanced water, energy shot, flavored water and organic markets.

The company showed off several organic lines including their “Tea Water” produced in cooperation with Nestle. The product comes in 20 oz. pet bottles and contains 20 calories per serving as well as a dose of antioxidants. In addition, they announced two organic green tea lines. The first, Organic AriZona, will come in original, yumberry and pomegranate flavors. The second organic green tea line will trade AriZona’s trademark for Bigelow, and come in Acai White Cranberry, Mango Lychee and Lemon Ginger as well original.

AriZona makes no organic claims with their forthcoming “RX Energy Quick Shot,” but does claim that the shot contains no chemical preservatives or artificial flavors or colors.

The tea company’s enhanced water entry, “Vapor Water,” includes calcium, magnesium and potassium in a 1-litre bottle, similar to Smart Water and MetroElectro.