In convenience stores, energy drinks continue hearty growth while CSDs fall

Teas and energy drinks led C-Store beverage growth in the
four weeks ending on March 22 while three other categories – carbonated soft
drinks, sports drinks and bottled water – all fell.

Bank of America Analyst Bryan Spillane reported that energy
drinks grew by 14 percent even as prices ratcheted up an average of 1 percent. His
AC Nielsen data showed the category up by 17.6 percent over the last twelve
weeks while prices climbed a similar 1 percent. Red Bull remains the energy
drink leader with 36.2 percent share of the market, but Hansen Natural’s
monster is gaining. The brand’s sales grew by 37.6 percent in those four weeks to
hold a full 30.1 percent share of the market.

RTD teas crept up another 3.6 percent in those four weeks –
up 7 percent over the last 12. Arizona saw the biggest gains over the last four
– up 10.7 percent – followed by Snapple, up 4.6 percent.

class=”MsoNormal”>CSDs saw an Easter boost in grocery channels, but that boost
didn’t make it into convenience stores, where the category slipped 5.9 percent
as average prices rose 2.6 percent. Pepsi saw the biggest hit, losing 8.1
percent of its volume.

Sports drinks fell 2.5 percent in minimarts while prices climbed
almost 5 percent. Gatorade fell 1.9 percent despite the introduction of G2.

The bottled water category slipped a total of 0.9 percent
over the four-week period, as Nestle and Pepsi saw losses of 5.4 percent and
8.2 percent respectively, and Coke’s brand surged 26 percent.