Evian to Announce New Sustainable Development Steps on Earth Day

Evian® Natural Spring Water will further advance its sustainable development strategy with an announcement on Earth Day, including the introduction of bottles made from recycled plastic, sharing on a global scale Evian’s unique experience in managing precious natural water resources and a domestic US partnership to provide further incentives – beyond the environmental benefits – for Americans to recycle.

As the first bottled water to introduce a collapsible bottle, to maximize space in recycling bins, as well as fully recyclable packaging materials, eco-design is at the very heart of Evian’s sustainability strategy. Now, with the introduction of post-consumer recycled plastics into the composition of Evian’s most popular bottles (750mL and 1L), Evian will begin producing bottles made with recycled plastic – specifically rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate material).

Additionally, Evian is launching the Evian Water Protection Institute (EWPI) to advance the sustainable management of natural water resources and to help the world’s populations preserve, maintain and restore their wetlands. Evian is also partnering with RecycleBank, to educate consumers about the benefits of recycling and protecting our planet, while offering incentives to participate in municipal curb-side recycling programs.

As the world’s leading brand of premium spring water, Evian is committed to reducing its impact on the environment in a number of ways that span its entire global company and partners.