AMA Finds High Fructose Syrup Unlikely to Be More Harmful to Health Than Other Caloric Sweeteners

June 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — After studying current research, the
American Medical Association (AMA) today concluded that high fructose
syrup does not appear to contribute more to obesity than other caloric
sweeteners, but called for further independent research to be done on
the health effects of high fructose syrup and other sweeteners.

this time there is insufficient evidence to restrict the use of high
fructose syrup or label products that contain it with a warning,” said
AMA Board Member William Dolan, M.D. “We do recommend consumers limit
the amount of all added caloric sweeteners to no more than 32 grams of
sugar daily based on a 2,000 calorie diet in accordance with the
Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

High fructose
syrups are sweeteners produced from starches such as corn, rice and
wheat. They can be found in a variety of food products, including
breakfast cereals, soft drinks and breads. Currently, there are few
available studies on the health effects of high fructose syrup and most
are focused on the short-term effects.

continues to be a major public health problem in this country.
Overweight and obese adults and children are at an increased risk for
chronic health conditions like heart disease and diabetes” said Dr.
Dolan. “Eating a healthier diet can help maintain a healthy weight and
drastically reduce your chances of developing weight-related illnesses.”

This report was introduced at the AMA’s Annual policy-making meeting in Chicago.