Fancy Food Summer 2008 recap



The 2008 Summer Fancy Food Show took place at the Javits
Center in Manhattan from June 29-July 1. Over 75 beverage companies were among
the many companies exhibiting to the show’s specialty food retailer and
distributor attendees.

Literally dozens of new brands and brand extensions were
being samples at the show.  Many companies used the show to debut their
new products, including Mosse Beverage Industries which introduced new
packaging and a new flavor. Originally introduced in June of 2007 with three
flavors – Black Grape, White Grape and Coffee – Mosse has been available
exclusively in the New York Tri-State Area. This month they introduced the new
flavor, Black Cherry and are expanding their availability to the greater East
Coast. Mosse Beverage Industries is the sponsor of this year’s Fancy Food
Summer coverage on BevNET.

New Brands

Braswell Food Company introduced its Braswell’s Select
Special Teas packaged in reusable European glassware (see video). The teas are
available both in all-natural (Vanilla Chai Tea, Watermelon Raspberry White
Tea, Pomegranate Passion Red Tea) and organic (Pomegranate Blackberry Tea,
Peach Pomegranate Green Tea, Raspberry Red Tea, Wild Berry White Tea).
 The teas will be available in 11 FL OZ glasses for $2.99 at specialty

Fantaisie Du Chef – a premium chocolate drink made with real
cocoa and a water base. The drink does not contain dairy and is therefore
lactose- and cholesterol-free). It is available in 345 ml glass bottles in the
following flavors: Dark Cocoa classic, Dark Cocoa and Almonds, Dark Cocoa and

Marble POP – the Americanized version of a century old
Japanese favorite “Ramune”. The name ‘Marble POP’ comes from the
drink’s unique bottling, in which a glass marble is held in place by the
carbonation of the beverage. The marble serves as the cap of the drink until it
is ‘popped’ open with the special stopper. The dimples in the neck of the
bottle allow the drink to flow out while the marble stays in place.

Metromint introduced Metroelectro, a 20 oz PET micronutrient
water containing antioxidants, electrolytes and minerals.

Peteroa 9500 Spring Water – new artesian spring water from
the Andes Mountains in Chile.

The Simple Kitchen – line of sparkling organic beverages
made with sparkling water and subtle accents of organic juices and honey, low
in sugar and calories – only 60 per 12oz bottle, with zero preservatives,
additives, or acids.

Extensions, improvements, etc

Ayala’s Herbal Water was serving samples of its recently
introduced certified organic line-up (they were previously all-natural).

Buffalo Energy Drink – new natural energy drink from

Ceres – has two new flavors in their tetrapak line including
Ruby Grapefruit and Pomegranate & Lime.

Cocio – showing off new cans of its all-natural premium chocolate milk.

Dry Soda – launching Vanilla Bean and Juniper Berry in

Fentiman’s – line of 6 “botanically brewed beverages” are
now being produced in the US and are being represented by Fentimans North

Firefly Tonics – will be launching “Firefly Water” – a new
line of antioxidant waters  available in Green tea & mint, Yerba Mate
Lime & Lemongrass, Redbush & Acerola.

Hint — added Watermelon, Honeydew Hibiscus, Hibiscus Vanilla and Blackberry flavors.

Izze – has launched Sparkling Peach.

Ito En (TEAS’ TEA) – introduced Pure Black, an unsweetened
Darjeeling black tea in its characteristic 16 oz PET bottle.

Lifeway Foods – new line of Lassi probiotic drinks available
in LowFat Strawberry and LowFat Mango.

LIV Organic was serving samples of its newly organic
(previously all-natural) Citrus Passion, Orange, Lemon and Berry drinks.

Lorina – two new premium 24.5 oz glass organic offerings:
Blood Orange and Pomegranate.

Maaza Tropical Fruit Juices – line of natural fruit juices
in glass and tetrapaks available in Guava, Lychee, Mango, Passion Fruit, Fruit
Punch, and Tropical.

Manhattan Special Bottling – has recently launched a line of
all-natural Iced Coffee drinks including Cappuccino, Hazelnut, French Vanilla,
and Mocha in 11oz glass bottles. The company also launched a Diet Decaffeinated
(sweetened with NutraSweet) SKU to their Pure Espresso Coffee Soda line.

Mixerz – launching Blueberry Acai to the existing 8 SKU
lineup of all-natural mixers.

Modmix – launching a Wasabi Bloody Mary mix with a hint of
ginger in August.

Noble Juice – launched all-natural Blood Orange and
Tangerine Cranberry in plant-based PLA packaging.

Orchid Island Juice Company – Natalie’s 100% Fresh Squeezed
Juice available in Orange and Grapefruit.

Pure Cool – will be launching “It’s Berry Cool,” a
pomegranate-cherry with cranberry splash SKU to the current lineup.

Q Tonic – introduced a 750ml frosted glass bottle.

Smart Juice – launched Pomegranate Purple Carrot Juice and
Apricot Peach Juice to complement their existing product lines.

Steaz – was giving a sneak peek at its iced tea line-up
which will be available in the fall.

Sweet Leaf – launched a limited edition blueberry lemonade
in a Mason jar, organic mango green tea.

Wild Waters – new labeling for the line-up of 6 flavored
waters for children.