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Beverage Spectrum September 2008 Cover

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The beverage business is filled with amazing stories of entrepreneurial success and innovation feeding retailer profits.  It’s also in a state of change, with the lines  blurring between once-discrete entities like retailers, distributors, and beverage companies.

Knowing this,, the publishers of Beverage Spectrum Magazine and BevNET Innovation Magazine, is pleased to announce the expansion of Beverage Spectrum into a comprehensive print publication. The new Beverage Spectrum will report on new products, innovations and trends in the beverage industry, serving retailers, distributors, manufacturers, marketers and all the variations in between, by adding the formulation, flavor, and marketing insights for which BevNET Innovation has been widely praised to the market-leading new product and brand reporting that is Beverage Spectrum’s stock-in-trade.

“Our goal is to create the largest beverage product-focused publication, both in terms of content and circulation,” said John Craven, founder of 

“As a result of this combination, readers will have unprecedented access to a fully-informed view of the evolving range of beverage product offerings in every issue,” Craven added.

Beverage Spectrum will continue to cover new products, but will also increase its coverage of the marketing and ingredient innovation trends behind those products. From the largest beverage marketers to the smallest corner stores, the beverage business is at its core about selling drinks. Beverage Spectrum will be the guide for those who sell them.

Among the key benefits of the new Beverage Spectrum:

1) Retailers and distributors will know more about what kinds of products will be coming to them, and as a result of that knowledge will be able to help inform marketers about the kinds of products that will satisfy their customers

2) Keeping abreast of new product launches – and their variable success and failure rates – is important to marketers and manufacturers, who need to know what kinds of ingredients to source and emphasize as they attempt to create or refine their own products

3) Knowing the specific ideas behind the product development process creates an informed retailer and distributor, one who is better able to explain products to customers and store employees

4) The factors playing in the beverage business aren’t just industrial anymore – at a time when distributors will be carrying up to 1,000 SKUs, it is imperative that product knowledge be evenly dispersed up and down the retailer supply chain.

Among the key advantages for Advertisers:

1) A larger combined circulation base (from 14,000 to over 20,000) of targeted industry decision-makers, all reading and discussing the same publication

2) A bigger magazine with more informative content to keep readers focused on the publication – and on your ads

3) Shared knowledge between marketers, retailers and distributors, resulting in better information on the significance of your products, ingredients and services

For a long time, Beverage Spectrum has been the voice of beverage retailing, supplying news on the most important new

beverage products and trends. Now, it is taking on increased responsibility within the beverage business, with the addition of the best of BevNET Innovation into a more comprehensive coverage mix. In the months to come, Beverage Spectrum will become the singular source for new products, trends and innovation in the beverage business.   

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