Red Bull Energy Shot Unveiled


Red Bull has chosen to mimic its well-known can and label in the packaging for its forthcoming energy shot, BevNET has learned.

The 2 oz. shot, which will be available in regular and sugar-free versions, features a full-container sized shrink-wrap label with the iconic Red Bull red, silver and blue colors. Rather than go with an apothecary-style bottle, the container is a straight cylinder with a slight indentation between cap and body.

The company confirmed late last year that it would be releasing the shot in 2009; while price, availability, and caffeine content have not yet been made available, photos supplied to BevNET indicate the product will be true to its predecessor in the inclusion of taurine. The amino acid is not always included in energy shots.

Red Bull is entering the fast-growing shot market at a time when category leader 5-Hour Energy is already facing challenges from other large energy drink manufacturers, including Monster Energy, Rockstar, NOS and Full Throttle.